Sark, Salute, Shaw plus 1 . . . Just Askin'

So now what? Lots of questions here. Not so many answers.

So how did you Trojan fans celebrate the first anniversary of the Josh Shaw "jump?" Crazy story, huh. No way USC football ever will ever top that on Salute To Troy Saturday two weeks before the opener.

You're kidding, right? . . . Just Askin'.

*** Here's our question following Steve Sarkisian's scrimmage/Salute/apology weekend: How or why should this team, these Trojans, the guys who through absolutely no fault of their own had to bear almost the entire weight of the NCAA's ridiculously unfair sanctions for their entire college careers to this date, how should they get hit with this . . . now . . . two weeks before the final go-round for a number of them? . . . Just Askin'.

*** How does a football team that's trying to get to the season "with no distractions" this year process this? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What do you say to the 2,500 fans, family and band members, players, coaches and administrators, the biggest Salute crowd in the last half-dozen years, who had to sit through that? Is an apology and warning sufficient here? . . . Just Askin'.

*** Is it enough for Sark to say: "I sincerely apologize to my players and staff and to our fans for my behavior and my inappropriate language at our kickoff event Saturday night. I have a responsibility to all of them and I let them down. Pat Haden talked to me after the event about my actions and I assured him this will not happen again." Is that enough?. . . Just Askin'.

*** Is it enough for Haden to say: "I met with Coach Sarkisian and I expressed my disappointment in the way he represented himself and the University at our Salute To Troy event. While the details of our conversation will remain between us, I am confident he heard my message loud and clear." . . . Just Askin'.

*** Has something like this happened before in ways not so public but maybe just as negative? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What do the players think? Has anyone in charge checked with them? . . . Just Askin'.

*** How do USC fans, having waited through so much, through so many coaches, it seems, in such a short time, now find themselves all worked up today that they seem to be firing grenades at anyone who doesn't agree with their take on an emotional issue that touches all of us in different -- and personal -- ways? . . . Just Askin'.

*** How do you handle these kinds of unforced errors just when you're trying to figure out the run game issues and the O-line personnel and getting the freshmen ready to go? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What do you say when instead of USC football, this leads local sports news? . . . Just Askin'.

*** How do you keep from asking yourself the question that if Saturday's scrimmage and Salute scenario ended in this kind of meltdown, where does that leave this team going forward into all sorts of high-pressure, emotional moments on and off the field requiring discipline and control for all involved? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What's the way to go for Sark? What's best? As much as this has to be about this team and this university, it also has to be about Sark getting this right for himself? How does that happen? . . . Just Askin'.

*** How do you do the right thing if this isn't just a once-in-a-lifetime event, for Sark and his family, all of whom were here, to help get this fixed for them? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What exacty are the rules here for USC personnel? Are they similar to the ones for football players or students of age? Should they be? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What if a USC player had done something similar this Saturday? Where would he be Sunday? . . . Just Askin'.

*** What are the rules for the media here? Do we not talk about it or ask about it because it's unrelated directly to football? Or are we required to talk about it, distracting as it is, because the distraction was introduced into the preseason process by the head coach and no one could imagine how it wouldn't impact this football team? . . . Just Askin'.

*** Are the "Mad Men" Era rules that prevailed when Julies was the place for USC football press conferences still in play today? Should they be? . . . Just Askin'.

*** And what if or when the entire video does surface -- on TMZ, we've been told? What about all the ways that can be used against USC with the comments about other teams and the way negative recruiters can make it work for them that will give it a second and third life all its own? How does that impact some of the first responses we're seeing that this is no big deal? . . . Just Askin'.

*** Is this a big deal? Should it be?. . . Just Askin'.

*** How did it get to this? . . . Just Askin'.

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