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Jack back from USC

Jack Jones helped Long Beach Poly get their first win of the season Friday before heading to USC for an unofficial visit.

Long Beach (Calif.) Poly got off the season to a good start traveling to Peoria (Ariz.) and defeating Centennial High School 13-12. The win came in large part to great defense and a 60-yard touchdown sprint by five-star athlete Jack Jones.

The big play was the only big play in a game dominated by defense.

“It started with me trusting my guys to get the block,” said Jones. “I also trusted my speed and knew if I hit the outside I was going to score.

“Our offense struggled, and I always think it’s more of a challenge going on the road like that. “We have to overcome that because a majority of our games will be away from home this year.”

Poly’s win was hard fought, which Jones takes as a positive leading his team into a tough non-league schedule.

“Two years ago, I was’t the guy leading,” said Jones. “I was the guy in the background listening to JuJu (Smith-Schuster) or Iman (Marshall). I just went out and performed.

“Now I have to lead by example knowing that the other guys on my team are watching me. they move how I move.”

Saturday, Jones was back in town to watch USC practice in the Trojans second scrimmage of fall camp. But Jones wasn't at USC to be recruited.

“I sort of blocked out my recruitment,” said Jones. “I was there to check out my older brothers in JuJu and Biggie.

“I was watching them and seeing how they were working. Just watching them go against each other up there, it reminded me of how we use to all compete at the high school level.

“Now they’re at the collegiate level, it was crazy watching those two guys go after each other. They were competing hard too. It made me want to go out there and compete with them.”

While many have noted the emergence of JuJu Smith as a leader for USC, Jones said that’s par for the course with the sophomore wide receiver.

“That’s how JuJu is,” said Jones. “He’s a leader that makes sure, once he gets his game down pat, he’s going to make sure everyone else does too.

“He’s the kind of guy that’s going to go hard every play and that forces everyone else to go hard every play. That’s what makes you better — going against a dog every day in practice”

Jones joined Westlake (Calif.) four-star wide receiver Theo Howard at USC Saturday. While the two know each other from The Opening Finals, they did not talk much about recruiting.

“That’s his business,” said Jones. “I don’t know what went on with his commitment or anything. We didn’t get into that.

“That’s something for his family and him to decide on. He’s about to be a grown man, so he has to make those decisions for himself. Same over here.

“I’m trying to get some visits scheduled this season, but I don’t really know where I’m going or when I’ll be there yet. I do know I’ll visit Michigan at me point during the season, but I don’t know when exactly.” Top Stories