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Terrell Bynum in town for USC-Stanford game

USC and Stanford have had some epic battles the past few years, and it will be the first game this season recruits flock to at the Coliseum.

Anaheim (Calif.) Servite wide receiver Terrell Bynum grew up a USC fan, but across town, the Bruins are starting a quarterback this season who the junior four-star is a big fan of as well. 

“I feel like I’m one of Josh Rosen's biggest fans, so I want to get to some UCLA games as well as some USC games,” said Bynum. “I’ll definitely be at the USC-UCLA game. I can’t wait for that one.”

Bynum, who started his high school football career at St. John Bosco, has played with and against Rosen.

“I know what type of guy he is, and he’s a competitor,” said Bynum. “I’ve seen him work up close.

“I tweeted that Josh Rosen is the real deal, but I’ve known that for a while now. He’s a good guys and really good at making quick decisions and delivering the ball. I personally think he’s on the Heisman watch.

“He’s a low key Heisman guy for me, but I don’t know how they put that lost together. Juju Smith would be on that list for me too if USC can do well this year. There’s a lot of guys out there putting up crazy stats, Braxton Miller might be the frontrunner right now.”

While Bynum probably won’t get to see Braxton Miller play in person this season, he will see Juju Smith-Schuster in action this Saturday.

“I didn’t go to either USC game before, but I am going to the Stanford game this week,” said Bynum. “My buddy Chris Hawkins told me to come to that one.

“I’ve been steady talking to Coach (Tee) Martin as well, getting to know him more. I’ve been checking out the stats and seeing the highlights. I saw some plays by Juju (Smith) and Chris Hawkins. I’m looking forward to the them playing a bigger opponent.”

In their last four meetings, the two teams have traded wins in the final seconds of the game. 

“I just want to see the game because that’s a game I’ve been wanting to really go to,” said Bynum. “From a recruiting standpoint, I’m looking at scheme and how they get guys in open space.

“I’m looking to see how they use their receivers and how they teach them to run routes and stuff like that. Since I camped at USC, I know a little bit about how Coach Martin teaches his receivers, so that’s good to know when I watch them play.”

As with USC and UCLA, Bynum is also considering Stanford, although the Cardinal have yet to offer him a scholarship. On that note, Bynum is still no where near making a decision on a commitment.

“I’m really all over the place right now,” said Bynum. “My parents and I both like a lot of schools, but we haven’t sat down and really discussed it in detail. I haven’t narrow anything down.

“Right now it’s just about seeing what I like the most and what’s the best fit for me. I like a lot of schools and I’m just enjoying the process.” Top Stories