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Matt Fink ready to sign as mid-year graduate for USC

USC has announced several mid-year graduates as early signees, and quarterback commit Matt Fink is expected to be added to that list.

Glendora (Calif.) quarterback Matt Fink had highlights and lowlights last week.

The USC committed quarterback was officially invited to the Under Armour All-American Game, but also faced his toughest opponent of the year in Charter Oak. When the game was over, Charter Oak had routed Glendora 28-7 with Fink going 6-of-20 for 56 yards and an interception.

It was an emotional loss for the quarterback, but Fink didn’t shy away from owning defeat and looking forward to getting his team back on the winning track.

“The biggest thing is… sorry, I’m a little choked up,” said Fink. “The biggest thing is to get back in the film room. We need to see what we did wrong.

“We have to see what we could have done better, which is a lot of things — on both sides of the ball. That’s the first step. The second step is going to practice, work our butts off and grind until we win.”

While Fink didn’t have his best game passing, he did score Glendora’s lone touchdown on a 60-scramble and sprint to the end zone. It was a play where several Chart Oak defensive backs appeared to have an angle on Fink in the open field.

“That was just pure athleticism and instinctive,” said Fink. “It just struck me to go right, stiff arm the tackler. Our offensive line did a great job protecting me even though it was designed to be a pass and I ran.

“I was flustered a little bit and couldn’t really see any of my guys open. I just decided to run the ball on my own and it ended up being a big play for us.

“It was exciting for me and the whole team. The best thing that came from it was that we didn’t get shut out. Now we just have to come back from this loss.”

Fink, who attended USC’s loss versus Stanford, is another early entrant for the Trojans who will sign financial aid paperwork sometime in the next two weeks. USC currently has five of its 16 commits signed as mid-year graduates.

“I’m getting my transcripts sent to USC from my online summer classes,” said Fink. “They’ll look those over and then I’ll enroll for spring. I’ll also sign early once my transcripts go though.”

Seeing USC lose two weeks ago and bouncing back to win impressively versus Arizona State, Fink is using that as motivation to improve this week against Kaiser.

“I think USC has done a solid job offensively all season,” said Fink. “They may need to change little things on their defense — I’m not sure because I’m not there.

“I like the offense and love the guys Cody (Kessler) has around him to throw to. I really can’t wait to get up there to play with some of those guys.” Top Stories