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USC offers junior tight end Colby Parkinson a scholarship

USC has a commitment from one Oaks Christian star player in 2016 and hope to add another for the 2017 class.

Oaks Christian three-star tight end Colby Parkinson is off to a great start with the recruiting process, and this week, his stock spiked with a scholarship offer from USC.

“Earlier this summer, they were talking to me and had already told my coach I was an early offer guy,” said Parkinson. “They said it was basically a matter of when rather than if.

“Last week, they talked to my coach again and said I had an offer, but it was just a matter of when they would make it official.

“So I got a message (Thursday) to give them a call sometime. I did and that’s when i got the offer.”

Parkinson has already been to a couple of USC games with his teammate and current USC commit Michael Pittman. He knows the program and is excited by the possibility of playing for the Trojans.

“It’s huge and USC is a big time program,” said Parkinson. “To play for them… man, it’s just blessing to have that offer. It meant a lot for sure.

“The academics at USC are really good, and football will eventually end, so I want to get the most out of my education. The coaching staff is also great.

“I don’t have any leaders or anything, but USC will definitely be up at the top. Just ranking wise and how they play, the academics are great so that’s important.

“Both times I went down there they were just giving me high fives and welcoming me. I really like Coach Tui (Tuiasosopo).

“He talked about my size and ability to run. They like how flexible I am because I can put my hand on the ground or split out wide. But the main thing they like is my size.”

However, one thing that won’t lure him to USC is family ties. Although it has been reported that Parkinson’s dad played at USC, that is not the case.

“No, I don’t think I’ve had any family members go to USC,” said Parkinson. “That’s interesting to hear though. I would have definitely have mentioned that before.”

This weekend, Parkinson will head to Stanford for an unofficial visit. While the Cardinal have yet to offer him a scholarship, that could change after Saturday.

“I’m not really doing anything extravagant this season with visits,” said Parkinson. “To be honest, I really can’t afford it, and then also, I have the season to worry about. I want to focus on my team right now.

“I’ll go to Stanford, hit a UCLA game, and maybe fly out to Arizona or something.”

With a teammate already committed to USC, Parkinson is open to listening to Michael Pittman’s recruiting pitch.

“He already started to recruit me some,” said Parkinson. “I haven’t really talked to him much about USC, but I’m definitely going to start asking him questions and picking his brain.

“We have a pretty good relationship and we can talk about that stuff openly, so we’ll be talking about USC over the next few weeks.” Top Stories