Liam Jimmons talks about his official visit to USC

Defensive end commit Liam Jimmons feels at home on the USC campus. He talks about his official visit to check out the Trojans over the weekend.

When Huntington Beach (Calif.) defensive lineman Liam Jimmons received an offer from USC during the summer, he teared up and basically committed on the spot. It was what he had hoped for since he was a small child.

Those feelings haven’t relented even after all the turmoil the Trojans went through this season and the uncertainty that currently remains on the defensive side of the ball. After Jimmons’ official visit over the weekend, the USC campus is feeling more and more like home.

“It feels like I’m meant to be there.”

With no doubt in his commitment, Jimmons’ official visit wasn’t about being wowed and learning a bunch of new information. Instead, it was a building block in his eventual college experience.

"It was mostly just building relationships with other people. That was the biggest thing, building friendships and relationships with the other players and coaches,” Jimmons said. “All the other recruits were cool. We’re all good buddies by now. Can’t wait to get there and start playing with them.”

Jimmons was hosted by freshman defensive lineman Jacob Daniel and listed hanging out with the players as his favorite part of the weekend. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound three-star defensive end said he picked Daniel’s brain about his first-year experiences and what Jimmons could expect.

He also did his part to talk up USC to the uncommitted recruits that also took official visits this weekend.

“I asked them about how they felt about SC and hopefully they come. There are some good guys that came [this weekend]. It would help the team out if they committed.”

While USC doesn’t currently have a defensive coordinator or a defensive line coach, there was one big presence that made an impression on Jimmons. Big as in BKU — former Trojan All-American Big Kenechi Udeze, who was an assistant on the strength and conditioning staff, but has taken over the defensive line duties for the bowl game.

“Coach KU. He’s very technically advanced and he’s a real good guy and I listened to him. Hopefully, he’s the coach.”

Rather than being worried about a potential scheme change or where he will fit in with a new defensive coordinator, Jimmons is ready to be malleable.

“It doesn’t really bother me at all because I’m still not in the system, so I’m not having to get used to something different.” Top Stories