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TheInsiders.com national recruiting analyst Jamie Newberg joined the WeAreSC.com chat room on Tuesday night to discuss Trojan recruiting and answer questions. Click below for a transcript from the chat:

Jamie Newberg:: You guys excited about John David?  He is something else.


woohit:: very!!

Jamie Newberg:: I can't wait to see Whitney and Steve and those Rbs.


jefftrojantheft:: Jamie, how is USC looking for Keith Rivers.

Jamie Newberg:: I think USC is the team to beat with Keith Rivers right now.  I talked with Keith last week and he seems real comfortable with them.  I certainly feel it comes down to USC and FLA.

jefftrojantheft:: FLa will suck this year with Zook, we  will get Rivers YES!

fighton:: Would love to payback FLA for some of the recruits we lost over the last couple of years

GarryP:: Mike Williams is more than enough payback to Florida

fighton:: Nah, GP...I would love another pound of flesh

GarryP:: How do you think Zook felt watching BMW run wild in his home state during the Orange Bowl?  Mike does make one helluva tight end.

Jamie Newberg:: FLA may struggle this season but that depends on their QB play.  They say LEAK is unreal and way ahead of the game.


PARISofTROY:: Jamie, do you think Booty will be starting by mid-season?

Jamie Newberg:: With Booty, it all depends on how he adapts to the speed of the game... that is the biggest adjustment any freshman has to make, especially at QB.  In terms of QB, there is so much that have to know on the fly.  Physically, he is ready right now to be the starter (at most schools).  But how will he adapt, especially to the mental aspect, when the bullets are flying for real.  I think he is the starter sooner than most think.


jefftrojantheft:: Brandon Siler?

PARISofTROY:: And Ingram?

Jamie Newberg:: Siler is too early to tell but you have to be impressed that SC can go to FLA and get guys like Mike WIlliams and they are the leader (in my opinion) for Rivers.  Don't forget about Mike Ross.  I honestly think that Carroll and his staff are one of the best in the recruiting business.

GarryP:: Ross is a player Jamie.

Jamie Newberg:: Glad to see Ross is doing well.  I went to that high school.

SC55:: We need more Florida players, talented and tough!

fighton:: Would love to see Leach, Ross and Bing on the field at the same time

MJDUSC:: you are likely to see that at times this season

SouthOC4SC:: Can you believe Ross is only a backup?

fighton:: hate to be the WR coming across the middle


MJDUSC:: Jamie, do the fanatic fans of USC match the intensity of those here in the SEC

Jamie Newberg:: No offense, put the intensity in the SEC is insane!  On and off the field.

MJDUSC:: i thought you might feel that way

fighton:: Can't wait to witness it first hand @ Auburn

Jamie Newberg:: AU is going to be awfully good this season.  They have the best RBs in the nation and one heck of an OL.

fighton:: Can't wait

SouthOC4SC:: I remember how worried we were about the secondary right before the AU game last year

MJDUSC:: if they don't score on SC on their first two possessions, SC is in very good shape

PARISofTROY:: Agree, MJD.  And like ND and Iowa, if we get up, it's over.

Jamie Newberg:: Don't worry about AU and passing.  Just shut down their run game.

GarryP:: Pete Carroll is excellent at taking away one element of an offense and forcing you to beat him with the other.

fighton:: We need to take the AU crowd out of it, early and often

SouthOC4SC:: I sure like the secondary we are fielding this year better than what we had last

SouthOC4SC:: even with TroyP gone!

MJDUSC:: i think the Auburn player that will dictate the game more than any other is Campbell

SouthOC4SC:: Agree MJD

MJDUSC:: i watched some of the auburn spring game and it seems to me that cambell can get hot

fighton:: We need to put pressure on Campbell so that we can avoid a KSU repeat

MJDUSC:: sometimes hard to pressue the qb and stop the run

SouthOC4SC:: Can you imagine putting 8 in the box if Lua is healthy and Bing roving around?

SC55:: I feel PC will have AU's QB confused very early, coming from all directions, to dictate the game!


SouthOC4SC:: Jamie any news on Jeff Byers and USC?

Jamie Newberg:: Byers is one of the most impressive players I have ever seen.  Biggins and others on our team agree.  He should narrow it down to 5-7 schools in the next month.  I think USC will be on that list.  We'll see. 

MJDUSC:: Jamie, i think we have a really decent shot at Byers

wstripes:: we are doing well with byers

MJDUSC:: maybe really well


Matt:: Jamie, what national recruits this year just blow you away on film?

Jamie Newberg:: All the guys in our top ten - Peterson, Davis, Miller, Doucet, etc. are freaks.


PARISofTROY:: Jamie, what do you think of Ryan Watson?

Jamie Newberg:: Love Ryan Watson.  Great get on Signing Day!


George Young SC:: Jamie, what are the top 5 progarms nationally in terms of team appeal for recruits?  Don't be afraid to leave us off the list if that's the way you judge things.

Jamie Newberg:: Top five programs nationally - honestly - LSU, MIA, USC, TX, OK, FSU... possibly FLA .. they stand out.  I think FLA could be.  FLA and USC were the two MAJOR surprises last season.  Recruiting is not about one hit wonders but consistency.  That is what made FSU so great.  USC and FLA have to do it year after year.


fighton:: Jamie - How's this upcoming class of recruits compare to last years class (incoming freshmen) as it relates to "freaks"?

Jamie Newberg:: fighton - it's about the same.  Talent wise, there is always those big timers.  What changes year to year is the positions of depth.  This season is different than last and so forth.

fighton:: Thanks, Jamie.


hollando:: Is Doucet giving SC a serious look?

fighton:: Heard Doucet is a LSU lock

Jamie Newberg:: I think Doucet is LSU all the way.  MIA could be #2.


MauiTrojan91:: Hi Jamie....I called your radio show last season from Maui about Andre Caldwell...remember?

Jamie Newberg:: Maui - I remember.  I start the radio thing again next month.

MauiTrojan91:: great Jamie...I'll try to listen through PalTalk room

troy63:: Jamie: What station and time for radio?

MauiTrojan91:: Jamie's out of Atlanta I believe

Jamie Newberg:: I am on locally in Atlanta twice a week - 790 the zone... 790thezone.com... all college football.  I start next month.  I have been working for them for three years now.  All football and recruiting.


Matt:: Jamie, what do you think of Dwayne Jarrett the Wr out of NJ that SC supposedly has a real shot at?

gauchotrojan:: Dwayne Jarret...how well do we stand in his recuiting, who does he compare to?

MauiTrojan91:: Jarret sounds like a freak

Jamie Newberg:: Let me say this about Jarrett.  THis is how good this kid is... SC signs Whitney and Steve.,.. Hawkins, Bumpus and others are in their backyard yet Carroll flies to Jersey this May to see him and his coach.  What does that tell you?  What does that tell you about your coach?

fighton:: Go get'em Coach Carroll!

GarryP:: Jamie - Carroll has won us all over with stories such as that.  The guy is amazing.

SouthOC4SC:: The thing about PC is he's RELENTLESS

Jamie Newberg:: Relentless - you have to be.  That's why USC, FL and LSU were the top school last season in recruiting.  Saban, Zook and Carroll outworked everyone.


SC55:: Jamie, Is Tennessee going to be good this year?

MJDUSC:: Living here in TN, I can tell you the jury is out on them so far

MJDUSC:: TN is really depending on three CA kids

SC55:: I'm hoping Tenn. can beat miami!

MJDUSC:: TN has athletes but so do the canes

Jamie Newberg:: I think TN wins the SEC East.  Veteran OL and QB... lots of RBs... not much depth at WR... D will be good.

SC55:: MJD, do you go to many Tenn. games?


MJDUSC:: but I see many on TV and my buddy played for them

SC55:: So did mine, in the 80's, and he married and stayed back there, from calif.

MJDUSC:: this whole state turns orange


budley:: Jamie- What are your thoughts on our latest commit, Lamar Herron? Where do you think he projects in college DB, RB, LB?

Jamie Newberg:: budley - honestly, I have not seen him play yet so its hard to say.  I am not going to make anything up so I will leave it at that.  I am honest and call it like I see it.

budley:: Thanks Jamie. I certainly respect that.


wstripes:: jamie how would you compare colvin and davis

Jamie Newberg:: It is hard to get a read on Colvin b/c they don't throw the ball that much.  I like them both a lot.  They both have great size and speed and make stuff happen.  Mike Bakas saw Colvin at the MIA camp and said he was absolutely unreal... looked better than Doucet in his opinion and Doucet was the camp MVP.


MauiTrojan91:: Jamie, you've been in the recruiting game awhile...have you seen as many top NATIONAL recruits have interest in USC as they do now?

Jamie Newberg:: Maui - NO.  No way.  Carroll and company have turned that around so quickly.  Simply amazing!  I am relatively young (36) but I always remember USC being a power.  But there was a time recently when they were not.  There are certain teams that should ALWAYS be a power and USC is one of them.  No excuses.  It starts with the staff and recruiting is next.  What Carroll has done is super and I have a feeling we have not seen anything yet.

SC55:: We finally have a coach and staff.....


George Young SC:: Jamie,  will Miami changing leagues be a disaster for the East or just bad?

Jamie Newberg:: I love what MIA and VT did.  They just made the ACC a whole lot better.

SouthOC4SC:: I hope Miami's jump is the demise of the BCS!

Jamie Newberg:: ACC will be VERY tough.

MauiTrojan91:: ACC is now a pretty tough conference with MIA and VT

Jamie Newberg:: I think the BIG east will have two different conferences - one for football and one for bball.  Now, I am waiting to see what the other conferences do to try and trump what the ACC did. I think there will be some major realignment in college football.


gengola:: jamie... who do you think they next usc commit will be?

Jamie Newberg:: Next commit - I honestly do not know.


SouthOC4SC:: Jamie who are the top DB's out west?

Jamie Newberg:: Estes is awesome.  I really like Glasper on tape.  That kid is very good.

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