Doug Kimmel

Maxs Tupai gets a visit from the Trojans

With coaching turnover still taking place at USC, Murray (Utah) defensive end Maxs Tupai received a visit from a recently hired coach.

Murray (Utah) four-star defensive end Maxs Tupai has had his head down, working hard to get his academics in order to try to gain entrance to the schools whose football programs have been pursuing him throughout the last year. 

Tupai has been focusing on his schooling since the summer when he retook a handful of classes. That has meant he hasn’t spent as much time focused on the recruiting process. While it was good to get away from the often constant harassment of coaches, Tupai knows he also needs to lock in on the recruiting process as things progress toward National Signing Day in early February.

But Tupai isn’t sure he’ll have chosen what school he will attend by the hoopla-filled first day high school seniors intending to enroll in summer and/or fall college classes can sign a National Letters of Intent.

“I might push it back a little, but we’ll see,” Tupai said. “I’ve got to see how things play out.”

Tupai had previously been talking to former USC assistant coaches Peter Sirmon and Marques Tuiasosopo, but said he has heard nothing from the Trojans coaching staff until new special teams coach John Baxter visited Murray High School this week. 

“I haven’t really talked to them a whole lot in a while, so we’ll see.”

While he is still hoping to hear more from the Trojans new staff, Tupai isn’t really sure about the other schools he will be considering when he begins to get ready to make a decision on his next four to five years.

But the one characteristic that is a must have for any school that hopes to land the 6-foot-2, 250-pound athlete is a “coach that is straight up with me.”

Tupai describes his game as “explosive” and that’s exactly how his recruitment will be if his test scores and transcripts prove to be good enough to be admitted.

While grades have been a high priority, the allure of playing college football is not lost on Tupai.

“I’m pretty excited about it. Top Stories