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Deommodore Lenoir still considering USC

Deommodore Lenoir has scholarship offers from schools all over the country, but there is one scholarship offer notably missing from his list.

Los Angeles (Calif.) Salesian four-star junior Deommodore Lenoir has 18 scholarship offers, and while USC isn’t one of them, the nation’s No. 8 cornerback is still considering the Trojans.

“I met Coach [Ronnie] Bradford recently and he said he was going to go back to talk with the staff about an offer,” said Lenoir. “I got the impression an offer could be coming soon.

“All of the schools that have reached out to me now are Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Oregon, TCU and Oklahoma State. So that’s a bunch of other schools that could be offering me pretty sson too.”

With USC’s new coaching staff in place, Lenoir is excited to see more of the Trojans over the next few months. 

“I have big interest in USC,” said Lenoir. “Coach Bradford seems like a cool dude and I want to build up a better relationship with him. 

“Having a new staff is a big step for them, but I think it will work out.”

One of Lenoir’s biggest scholarship offers remains LSU. With a tremendous lineage of defensive backs in recent years, the Tigers have taken over the moniker of “DB U” for many young high school football players. 

“My coaches sent them the tape and they loved it,” said Lenoir. “They got act in touch with me like a week later and that’s when I got the offer. 

“That’s really my dream school. All of the players coming out of there and going to the league, it was really motivation for me to work even harder. It was just crazy to think I could get that offer.”

Under new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, the Trojans are trying to get back to having a dominant defense that shuts down opposing passing attacks in the Pac-12. 

With so many high profile quarterbacks and high octane offenses in the conference, Lenoir had a perfect answer for improving the Trojans defense in 2017. 

“Recruit Deommodore Lenoir,” he fired back without hesitation. 

Lenior plans to wait the process out until the fall, where he could commit during the season or at an all-star event. 

“I kind of want to wait,” said Lenoir. “I want to take some visits first, but I don’t really know right now.” Top Stories