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2018 WR Chase Williams shows his competitiveness, talks USC recruiting

When the game is on the line, 2018 Corona (Calif.) Roosevelt receiver/cornerback Chase Williams wants the ball coming his way.

The Explosive Athletic Training (E.A.T.) 7-on-7 squad needed a touchdown in the final minute and an opposing cornerback kept reminding anyone who would listen of a previous interception he had snagged.

“Oh yea coach, throw it up again,” the defensive back taunted E.A.T.’s play caller. “Throw it up again.”

Corona (Calif.) Roosevelt receiver Chase Williams took it as a personal challenge. Williams, who also plays cornerback, had already won a previous game in the B2G National Legends tournament with a late interception and a last second touchdown grab on a back shoulder fade.

Williams is just a sophomore, but he’s a name that should soon gain a lot of traction in 2018 California receiver rankings. At 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, Williams already has good size. He has a frame that should be able to add more weight as he matures and gets stronger, but he’s already able to bully smaller defensive backs. Williams also gets off the line well and is able to get behind defenders, all of which he says is a product of the time he has invested.

“I just constantly work. I'm working out four times...actually five times a week. I'm constantly going just to get my craft up and just keep on doing good,” Williams said. “Something unique is that people my size aren't really as fast as me. That's just how it is. I'm good and I'm quick with my feet.”

During his sophomore season for Roosevelt, Williams caught 34 passes for 620 yards and six touchdowns in eight games. His performances during the season and in 7-on-7 action have begun to draw attention from colleges with the recruiting process heating up. Williams said “it’s progressing.” His first scholarship offer came from Washington and he said he has been getting strong interest from UCLA and Washington State recently.

Williams also has been in contact with USC and said he is “most definitely” interested in the Trojans. After talking with them more early in the season, Williams is hopeful to hear from them more frequently once the new coaching staff gets its recruiting boards settled. 

His primary position is receiver, but Williams said he’s willing to play on either side of the ball. “Anything [coaches] want me to play.” More important than position is the opportunity to compete. That’s something Williams likes about USC.

“I just like how there is a lot of competition. There's competition every day. Every day in the program. Academics-wise it's really good and I know that they have a good program for Science and Kinesiology, so I know that's something I would be interested in.”

Williams is a competitor, which is why when his team needs a late touchdown and a cornerback is talking smack, he wants the ball even if he's been playing both ways in muggy weather all day.

“I've just got to keep on pushing no matter what. I can't get tired. I can't give up on my team and I've got to help us win.”

That’s exactly what he did. With the game on the line, the coaching staff called his number and the quarterback forced a throw into double coverage trying to hit the soft spot of a Cover-Two defense. But the two defenders mattered not for Williams as he leapt up and snagged the pass over both of them, including the fast-talking cornerback. The safety tried to shove him out of bounds, but Williams got his feet down for the touchdown.

”It was just the competitiveness in me coming out,” Williams said. “I’m doing my best and that’s the athlete in me.” Top Stories