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Willie McGinest's nephew would follow in his footsteps

Ryan Nixon is a hard-hitting Long Beach Poly safety with a strong lineage.

Ryan Nixon knows all about the USC Trojans and it’s not just because he goes to Long Beach (Calif.) Polytechnic, which has long produced a number of athletes that attend USC.

Nixon has heard plenty about the Trojans and the football program from his uncle. Of course, a lot of USC fans tell their football-playing sons and nephews about the Trojans, but not many of those doing the speaking are Trojan All-American legends.

Nixon’s uncle just so happens to be Willie McGinest. Following in the footsteps of his uncle would be a treat for Nixon.

“I’ve kind of grew up around USC,” Nixon said. “I’ve seen players like Taylor Mays and stuff like that. I like the atmosphere at USC.”

Like his uncle, Nixon likes to bring the thump. A 6-foot-3, 190-pound sophomore safety, his favorite part of the game is hitting. That’s why he admires the way Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry attacks the game.

“I like the way he plays. He’s really a physical safety. That’s what I want to do as a safety. I want to play as a physical safety. I want to come down; I want to make the play. Just be a physical safety and make plays for my team.”

Nixon’s goal is to showcase his ability to be physical with big hits and big plays. He doesn’t just want to be on the field. He wants to contribute. He wants to make an impact. He said he “wants to be a factor on the field.”

While Nixon is slotted to play safety next year, he still has room to grow and if he continues to grow, he isn’t opposed to potentially moving down to the linebacker position like his uncle manned for so many years.

“Whatever my coach needs me to play, that’s what I’ll do. If he needs me to come down play corner, I’ll do that. If he needs me to come down and play nickel or linebacker, I’ll play that.”

Nixon is early in the recruiting process and he has been hearing a little bit from Michigan State and UCLA on Twitter, but some of the offers he is hoping for are USC, UCLA, Florida State, Texas A&M and Stanford. Top Stories