Ginn Discusses Visit

Cleveland (OH) Glenville's Ted Ginn is the most highly coveted cornerback prospect for the class of 2004. He recently made an unofficial visit to USC and he shares his thoughts on the trip.

WeAreSC- I heard you stopped by USC recently. How was the visit?

Ginn- "It was cool. You know, it was my first time in California. I was at USC Wednesday and I came back Monday. I was in San Diego. The first day, Coach (Carroll) wasn't there, he was out of town. But I talked to him the second day I was there. I talked to a couple players. I talked to Mike Williams and some of the DB kids. It was cool."

WeAreSC- How did your meeting with Pete Carroll go?

Ginn- "They said I could play both sides of the ball, and what I prefer to play, and how much they want me to come, and stuff like that."

WeAreSC- What are your thoughts on Coach Carroll from talking to him?

Ginn- "He's cool, a real open man. He knows a lot about the game and has a lot of connections with the NFL. He's a good coach."

WeAreSC- What about Mike Williams? How did your conversation with him go?

Ginn- "Yeah, he came from Florida. He said it was really hard to leave his state, but he said it's cool though. Coming down there, he told me for him it was about depth chart, and how much publicity he was going to get, and playing time, and stuff like that. So for him, it was good."

WeAreSC- You mentioned that you talked to the coaches about what position you want to play. Do you prefer wide out or cornerback?

Ginn- "DB. I'd like to play on both sides though."

WeAreSC- I know you're also a top prospect in track. Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Allice while you were at USC?

Ginn- "Yeah, it went good. He just said that they mix real well with football. That's a real good thing. They communicate really good. He said I could run the hurdles or whatever I would like to run. He was cool."

WeAreSC- So overall, what kind of impression did the trip leave on you?

Ginn- "It left a good impression. It's nice in L.A. It stays cool. It doesn't get too hot or too cold. It's a good place to be."

-WeAreSC- So at this point, what schools are you looking at?

Ginn- "Right now I'm just listening. I don't have a top 6 or anything like that. Track is just coming now. Coaches are just calling for track, and right now I'm just listening to what they have to say because I have to compare both of them. Probably after my football season or during my football season I'll narrow it down to a top 6, top 8, or top 3. Right now I don't have a favorite or anything like that."

WeAreSC- What other schools did you visit this summer?

Ginn- "I had a late start . I didn't have the start that I usually have. I only made it to Pitt, Michigan, and Ohio State."

WeAreSC- You've had a chance to travel a little bit. Will distance from home play a factor in your decision?

Ginn- "No."

WeAreSC- I've heard Michigan and Ohio State mentioned a lot in the past in regard to you. Do you think those two schools will be in the race for you until the end?

Ginn- "Yeah, probably so, because they've recruited me for a long time. Well, USC was the first to offer me. Ohio State and USC, they've been in my ear a lot as far as football and track, so they're up there, but I still haven't narrowed it down to a top 6 yet."

WeAreSC- Do you know for sure of any schools that you'd like to visit?

Ginn- "No. At first I did, but then I heard you only get to take five visits. I had to scratch that. I have to see if I want to go for track or for football." Top Stories