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Joseph Lewis plans to check out USC spring practice

Five-star wideout Joseph Lewis trimmed his list, but is keeping it personal. He talks about being the top receiver in the 2017 class, cutting down his list and potentially checking out USC spring practice.

When Joseph Lewis makes a cut, defenses notice. It makes him one of the most devastating weapons on the field…as a decoy. Unlike some receivers, Lewis runs his routes just as hard when he knows the ball isn’t likely to be thrown in his direction. 

Opponents can’t distinguish whether a crossing Lewis is intended to be the primary option or if his dig route is part of a design to get another receiver wide open on the backside as often happens because of the attention the five-star Los Angeles (Calif.) Augustus Hawkins wideout draws. 

Bumped up to the top spot in the national receiver rankings in Scout’s latest update earlier this month, Lewis was humble about being the No. 1 2017 receiver when asked if that had any significance.

“ kind of does, but then it doesn't because as long as you know that you're good and know what you can do, then that's what you need to focus on. Not the stars and [number of] offers and stuff like that. Just go hard at what you love to do and that's just to play football.”

When Joseph Lewis makes a cut, colleges also notice. That’s why several schools are trying to determine just where they stand with Lewis. The 6-foot-2.5, 200-pound receiver trimmed down his list of prospective schools late last week, but he’s keeping his “top 10 to 12” to himself as of now.

Lewis made the decision to narrow his scope so that he can hone in and fully research some of the programs.

“My recruiting process is somewhat over so I just want to evaluate some schools and see how that goes,” Lewis said of the decision. “So I cut my list down to like 10-12 schools right now and them are the main schools I'm looking at.”

The highly touted wideout didn’t want to reveal if any particular schools had or had not made the list, preferring to keep it to himself.

“I cut it down, but I kept it personal.”

Lewis has been talking with both USC head coach Clay Helton and offensive coordinator Tee Martin, continuing to build their relationship and the USC coaching staff should soon get an opportunity to ask Lewis in person if the Trojans cracked his list of top schools. Lewis said he and his Hawkins teammates are planning to make the three-mile jaunt up to campus to check out the Trojans’ spring practice.

“What I’m trying to take in is how the coaches or how certain position coaches coach their players --how do they go about teaching them and where they mess up on stuff,” Lewis said of what he looks for when he attends college practices. “But I'm going to evaluate everything. That's the key because if I only watch one thing that's the only thing that I'm going to know. I've got to know everything about their practice and stuff so I can see if I can relate to their practice.”

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