Coaching and support allowing USC LB Quinton Powell to play with confidence

After not feeling he had the support of the previous coaching staff, USC senior linebacker Quinton Powell is shining this spring in an aggressive scheme with him in the middle.

USC senior linebacker Quinton Powell didn't feel like he had the support of the previous coaching staff because he wasn't their ideal body type. Instead of being an impact player like he believes he can be, he didn't get the attention that he needed to develop.

But he's now feeling the love from defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast and didn't hold back his words either in praise of the new staff or disdain for the previous regime.

"The coach is working with me. I couldn't say the same when the old coaches were here. The coaches now, they support me fully.

Powell has moved inside to one of the middle linebacker positions despite his slender frame, which he said is currently at 200 pounds, but he hopes to get up to 215 pounds. Powell has been one of the standouts through the early portion of the spring, making plays and being a thorn in the offense's side. 

All of which he credits to the new coaching staff and the environment they are fostering.

"The vibes are awesome," Powell said. "The culture that they're trying to set is going to win championships."

Watch Quinton Powell talk about the new coaching staff and how they are instilling confidence in the players, particularly the veterans, as well as his new home as a middle linebacker, which he says he has the heart to play.


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