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Four-star Aashari Crosswell is looking for honesty and has got it from USC

In the recruiting process, top-tier prospects have to sift through the fluff to find the truth from college coaches. For four-star safety Aashari Crosswell, USC's approach has been refreshing.

No offense to any of the girls that may be trying to attract the attention of Los Angeles (Calif.) Augustus Hawkins safety Aashari Crosswell, but the next big relationship he’s going to be engaging in is the one with college football coaches that are trying to get the 2018 four-star prospect to join their program.

But like a jilted lover, Crosswell is looking for something that is sometimes rare to find in college football coach/recruit relationships — honesty.

Crosswell has heard all the tired lines and seen coaches promise one thing only to do another. 

“A lot of coaches tell you what you want,” Crosswell said. “They tell me all this stuff to boost my confidence.”

But then they don’t follow through with an offer, phone call, visit or whatever else they may have assured Crosswell of when first speaking. That’s why Crosswell is prioritizing the schools that have told him the truth rather than attempting to butter him up.

Local USC is one of those.

”SC is very close to home. Also, I went to their practice and when I talked to their coaches, they were honest and I like honesty,” Crosswell said. “There’s a lot of coaches out here that be talking to me that don’t be honest with me. I feel like SC was very honest with me.”

In fact, the Trojans have actually been underselling things. Crosswell and several of his highly touted Hawkins High teammates have taken a couple of unofficial visits to USC this spring, including recently checking out a spring practice. After the practice, Crosswell got a chance to talk with USC’s new defensive backs coach Ronnie Bradford.

“He was just telling me like that he liked my film and he wanted to wait on my offer. He was telling me ‘I’m going to wait with your offer.’ Then two days later, I got the offer,” Crosswell said with a chuckle.

Not expecting the offer, he was thrown back when his mother relayed the message to him.

“I was like ‘Woah!’ I was shocked. I was happy when I got the offer because most of the time when coaches are talking to you, they be telling you that they’re going to offer you and then they never offer. So when she told me, I was happy. I felt very blessed.”

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound Crosswell now has at least 15 offers he will eventually have to sift through and whittle down to a final choice. He doesn’t plan to make a decision until at least his junior year, but said he could end up waiting until his senior campaign.

With the potential of having four Division I players in the Hawkins secondary when five-star wide receiver Joseph Lewis plays safety alongside the Greg Johnson-Marcus Johnson brother tandem at cornerback, Crosswell will have plenty of opportunities to showcase his abilities this season in front of college coaches.

And all he’s looking for is coaches to follow USC’s lead.

”They told me everything that they expect of me and they follow up on me. I appreciate that. When I was talking to them, they were being very honest with me and I like honesty.”

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