USC among the top choices for Miami Southridge linebacker Brandon James

With 30-plus scholarship offers out in the state of Florida, linebacker Brandon James was one of the first players USC began pursuing this year.

USC has recruited the state of Florida with plenty of gusto this off season offering scholarships to well known and lesser known prospects alike. 

In the case of Miami (Fla.) Southridge three-star linebacker Brandon James, USC is currently in competition with Syracuse, FUI, Iowa State, Rutgers and West Virginia for his attention. 

“I mainly talk with Keynodo Hudson from USC” said James. “He just tells me to keep my grades up and to keep doing what I’m doing. 

“He’s from here and can relate to South Florida kids more, so that’s who I talk to.”

At 195-pounds, James is undersized for a 3-4 outside linebacker, but USC sees his potential as an edge rusher nonetheless. 

 “USC likes my playmaking skills, and when they offered me, Coach Hudson just talked about my speed,” said James. “He says he just has to put some size on me.

“I was excited to get that offer though. I mean, I’ve never known anyone from Miami to have a USC scholarship offer.”

Which raises the question; what does James know about USC as a potential college choice?

“Not much,” said James. “Coach Hudson just told me about the environment and the players they’ve had coming out of the school to the NFL. He just talked about what SC can do for me as a player.”

James has definite interest in USC, but he is hesitant to say how much having never seen the school in person. 

“They’re at the top somewhere,” said James. “I ned to get out there sometime to see the environment. 

“I need to see the academics, the support the school has behind it and… the team. The team has to be good. How do I fit in?

“I like the school though — the people that came out of there and went to the NFL. I just have to see it for myself.”

Over spring break, James saw both Florida and Miami on unofficial visits. He has no set plans to visit other school in the near future. 

“I went to a Florida practice,” said James. “I got to see the coaches coach, which was good. I got to see how they interact with their players. Nothing really stood out though. I just take visits how they come.” Top Stories