Presenting the War Room

This week in the War Room we take a closer look at the seven-on-seven circuit and the impact it has on USC recruiting plus plenty more.

More details of what is inside:

  • We take a look at how USC is recruiting the safety position this cycle and the shift in the size of the players the Trojans are targeting.
  • With this new safety recruiting philosophy, what does that mean for Los Angeles (Calif.) four-star defensive back Deommodore Lenior who was offered a scholarship by the Trojans on Wednesday?
  • More on the hiring of Lynn Swann as athletic director and some of the internal shake-up that followed.
  • After Ohio State’s five first round picks in the NFL Draft, the Trojans now feel to No. 2 on the all-time list.
  • We caught up with former USC basketball player Katin Reinhardt to find out why he decided to transfer out of the program.
  • Plus plenty more!


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