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OT Mekhi Becton nearly flips out after USC offer

Virginia's No. 1 offensive tackle, Mekhi Becton, says possibility of a summer visit to USC is "very high" after being offered by the Trojans.

Have you ever seen a 300-pounder do a backflip? 

The city of Highland Springs nearly did on Tuesday after Virginia's No. 1 offensive tackle Mekhi Becton was presented a scholarship offer by the USC coaching staff.

“I almost did a backflip when they told me they offered me,” Becton said. “It was a blessing. I just talked to them yesterday and I was very surprised when they said that they were going to offer me.”

The 6-foot-7, 300-pound offensive lineman didn’t expect there to be interest from a school all the way across the country and USC’s offer is a bit of validation for him as a recruit.

“It means a lot because of the history of their program and I wouldn’t think that they would recruit on the East Coast. It means that I’m very out there [as a prospect].”

From Tyron Smith and Matt Kalil to Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler, USC has a number of tall, big-bodied offensive lineman both in their recent history and on their current roster. Becton could see himself following in that tradition. 

“What makes me stand out is my body posture, my punch and my long arms,” he said. “They talked about putting me at tackle where my height and my arms are a good thing at the position.”

While tackles are often known for being the quarterback pass protectors, Becton enjoys run blocking even more because he “can just drive people down the field.”

With USC fresh on Becton’s trail, he hasn’t had much time to research the USC program. He is familiar with some of the more famous Trojans over the past two decades and some of the epic games they have played in, but he’s hoping to take a visit over the summer to learn more about the school and football program, calling a trip to Los Angeles a “very high” possibility. 

Until then, he’ll presumably be working on his gymnastics for whenever he chooses to commit to a school.

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