Q&A with Early Doucet

The Trojans struck gold in Louisiana last year when they landed two elite prospects from that state in John David Booty and Ryan Watson. One of the top players on USC's wish list this year is Saint Martinville's (La) Early Doucet. The blue chip quarterback, who projects as a receiver in college, passed for 600 yards and 6 touchdowns while also rushing for 1,236 yards and 22 touchdowns in 2002. Can the Trojans pull one out of the Bayou State again?

WeAreSC- What have you been up to this summer?

Doucet- "I went to a few camps and I also played summer basketball, so that pretty much took up all of my time. We had a national tournament in Florida a week ago and we came in third."

WeAreSC- What camps did you go to?

Doucet- "LSU and Miami."

WeAreSC- So what schools are you looking at right now?

Doucet- "In no particular order, Florida, Florida State, Miami, LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Oklahoma State, and that's about it."

WeAreSC- Do you have offers from all of those?

Doucet- "Yes."

WeAreSC- What are you going to be looking for in the school you choose?

Doucet- "Great team chemistry, player-coach relationship, academics, facilities, and I just want to have a relationship with my coaches and teammates outside of football, not just during football season but also after."

WeAreSC- Is the possibility of early playing time something you might look at?

Doucet- "Yeah, it would be nice to but if it doesn't work out…but I'm pretty sure that I'm coming in there to work my way to play as a freshman. I'm not trying to redshirt or anything. I'm just going to do my best to make that happen."

WeAreSC- What about distance from home, is that a factor?

Doucet- "No."

WeAreSC- I know you play quarterback right now, but where do most of the colleges seem to be recruiting you at?

Doucet- "They like me as a receiver."

WeAreSC- Do you like the idea of playing there in college?

Doucet- "Yeah, I want to play receiver. I can be more explosive and showcase more of my talents at receiver than quarterback. Two web sites have me as the #1 receiver in the country, and I didn't even know that. Somebody told me the other day."

WeAreSC- Are you going to be playing strictly at quarterback this season?

Doucet- "I'm going to be playing a little of both, a little bit of quarterback and a little bit of receiver."

WeAreSC- Did you grow up with a favorite team?

Doucet- "Growing up, I was a basketball player. I loved basketball. That's all I played. Everybody thought I was going to be a basketball player. Then when I got to high school I started playing football and just got good at it and kind of flipped the script a little bit. I like football more than I like basketball now."

WeAreSC- Are you getting any attention for basketball?

Doucet- "Yeah, I get a little, but it kind of stopped because they got the scoop that I'm going to play strictly football. I was getting a lot of mail from Oklahoma and Connecticut."

WeAreSC- Is there any chance at all that you might play basketball in college?

Doucet- "No, I'm going to stick with just football."

WeAreSC- You mentioned USC as one of the schools that you're looking at. What got you interested in them?

Doucet- "They came down when I was a sophomore but they couldn't talk to me, you know, but they talked to my coach. We had this linebacker who was really good, he's in junior college now, and we were together and they came and saw me. From there, they've just been recruiting me ever since then. Coach Orgeron, he's from this area."

WeAreSC- What coaches have you talked to over the phone?

Doucet- "I talked to the receiver's coach, the head coach, Coach Ed, and a few others. They said they wanted me to come there, how they wouldn't have a problem playing a freshman because they've already had some success with Mike Williams as a freshman and a couple other guys. The opportunity is there if I were to come in and work for it. I think that they want me to play running back though."

WeAreSC- Really?

Doucet- "Yeah, I think they want me to play running back. They told that to my coach but my coach was like he wasn't sure. I don't know."

WeAreSC- Do you like the idea of playing running back or would you rather play receiver?

Doucet- "I kind of want to play receiver but it all ties into my decision. If I decide to go there and running back is the position that they need me at in order to help the team, then I'll do it, but I'd rather play receiver."

WeAreSC- Have you talked to any of the coaches from USC recently?

Doucet- "I've got their number and I've tried to call them but I haven't got in touch with them, especially now that practice has started, and with the time difference, when I call it might be a bad time over there."

WeAreSC- I know that you're pretty open right now, but are there any schools that you know that you want to take an official to?

Doucet- "No, not really. I'm in the process of going over that with my family right now and my coaches, so once we get through with the discussions, because my parents have been on vacation for awhile so I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and talk about it with them about it, but once they get done with their vacation we're going to talk about it. I think I might come down to USC because I have a sister that stays down in San Diego."

WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?

Doucet- "I'm 6'2 and about 212 right now."

WeAreSC- What do you think your strengths are when you're out on the football field?

Doucet- "I can do it all. I can run, I can throw. When I play receiver, I kind of have an advantage over the defensive backs because I'm kind of bigger and stronger, I can break tackles and once I break the tackles I'm pretty much gone after that."

WeAreSC- Are you pretty intent on taking all of your visits or is there a chance you might make a decision early?

Doucet- "Yeah, I'm definitely going to take all five of my visits."

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