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Brandon and Breyon Gaddy want to unofficially visit each of their top five

The Gaddy twins know they want to embark on a college football journey outside the state of Virginia and they want to do it together.

Whenever the Gaddy brothers make their final college selections, they will drastically alter a program’s recruiting class. 

Virginia Beach (Va.) Bishop Sullivan Catholic Brandon and Breyon Gaddy are twin big-bodied defensive linemen. Both are at least 6-foot-4 and weigh around 300 pounds. Each is among the top 15 defensive tackles in the East region. Brandon is a three-star prospect while Breyon rates as a four-star.

The Gaddy brothers have already made two big recruiting decisions. They want to play together in college and, if their mother has anything to say about it, they plan to leave Virginia.

"My mom wants me to be far away,”  Breyon told Scout last month. “She would like me to get out of Virginia. She said there’s nothing here, so she wants me to go out and explore.”


USC has been one of the schools the twins are considering. Both brothers grew up interested in the Trojans and it checks off their primary interests, being out of state and a program that has offered both twins.

“I want to go to a school with good education and possibly a good future in football,” Brandon said. “My mom told me to go far and I like California, so I want to see how it is.”

The Trojans approached the recruitment of the brothers a little different than other schools, offering the taller, leaner three-star Brandon first rather than both brothers together or the slightly more regarded Brandon to begin with. Brandon laughed when asked if he was going to holding the bragging rights over his brother, but said he was just happy both received offers.

Usually on the field, Breyon is the one making the early moves and Brandon reacts off his initial action.

“He makes the first move and then I do a counter attack or something like that. I just go off his moves,” said Brandon, adding that he thinks his athleticism is what enables him to still stand out. “I can do more than a lot of other people can do at 300 pounds. I can do backflips and all that.”


The brothers have been narrowing their list of top schools down ‘separately,’ but have come up with the same top five of Tennessee, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia and USC. Brandon only narrowed his list to seven teams, including Florida and Virginia Tech as well, but as of now the first five schools are the clear cut favorites to land official visits and the most serious consideration in the fall.

But even before taking official visits in the fall, the brothers are hoping to hit up each of those five campuses this summer on unofficial visits. The Gaddys will be heading to Knoxville, Tenn. and Clemson, S.C. this weekend to continue their summer circuit. They haven’t set a date for a trip to Los Angeles, but want to get a look at the Trojan program before the season starts.

When decision time comes, the brothers will weigh their options, discuss each and then come to a conclusion together. According to Brandon, the academics, culture and community of a school and how the football program will work with both brothers will be the determining factors.

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