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Marco Wilson won't wait long to commit

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Marco Wilson said Saturday he is ready to shut down the recruiting process before the first game of his senior season.

Marco Wilson has spent a portion of his summer on the West Coast the past two months. 

The Plantation (Fla.) American Plantation four-star defensive back hit USC's Rising Stars Camp at the end of June, and there, he researched the Trojans as a potential college destination. 

Saturday, Wilson said he would be making his college commitment before the start of the season. 

“I’m confident I’ll commit before the season,” said Wilson. “I’m pretty comfortable with all of the schools I’ve seen. They’re all the same.”

Of course, Wilson has been written off as a Florida Gator commit for the better part of year. Marco’s brother, Quincy Wilson, plays for the Gators. 

“I would like to create my own legacy — not to be known just as Quincy’s little brother,” said Wilson. “But I can do that at any school. I have to make the right decision for me. 

“Going to the same school as my brother would mean that I have someone there to tell me how things are. I would be more comfortable and I would already be well-known.”

But five days in Los Angeles gave Marco a new perspective on his potential choices. 

“I went around the whole city with my dad, and to be honest, L.A. is the best city in America,” said Wilson. “Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to go out there. I love L.A.. I really enjoyed it.”

Seeing Los Angeles off campus is one thing, but Wilson needed to see USC as a prospective student as well. 

“The school is top notch, said Wilson. “They have things I might be interested in academically, like their arts program. 

“They really take care of their players as students as well. Not just on the field either. The school makes sure that you’re set for life after football. I was really surprised at all of the people who went to that school. Like the well-known alums, not just football players.”

On the field, Wilson spent time working with new USC defensive backs coach Ronnie Bradford

“I really enjoyed working with Coach Bradford, he was great,” said Wilson. “He’s getting his guys ready to handle their business. I talked to some of the players there and they said they really like working with him.”

Once Wilson commits, he hopes to shut down the recruiting process completely. If that’s possible. 

“I think I’ll be done,” said Wilson. “I don’t want to be one of those guys jumping around on schools. I don’t think that’s a good look. 

“I like how my brother’s recruiting process went. He was guided by my father and it went smooth. I think once I commit I’ll be set on that school.”

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