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Four-star defensive tackle Greg Rogers back in L.A. this week

Arbor View High School defensive tackle Greg Rogers is in town to unofficially visit UCLA and USC once again.

Las Vegas (Nev.) defensive tackle Greg Rogers is ready to return to Los Angeles. 

Over the next few days, Rogers is scheduled to take trips to USC and UCLA. While he has been to both schools before, these visits are especially important. 

“For the most part, they’re definitely crucial,” said Rogers. “Every time you get down to visit the school and meet the coaches, you have a chance to learn more about them. 

“It’s definitely crucial man. I just want to get down there and see the things that I’ve seen and maybe see something new. I especially want to talk with the coaches and see where everything stands at with them too.”

Arizona State, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, UCLA and USC make up Rogers current list of college favorites. The two Los Angeles schools are often mentioned as frontrunners for his commitment, and although Rogers calls his visit to Southern California this week crucial, there are no great knowns for him with either school.  

“I know a lot about USC,” said Rogers. “There’s nothing that I really need to find out. I talk to Coach KU (Kenechi Udeze) and Clay Helton a lot about the program, so they’ve made things pretty clear. 

“It’s just another opportunity to hand out with Coach Udeze and Coach Helton, which is really important to me.

“The same goes with UCLA. I have everything pretty much clear in my head about UCLA, so now it’s just a waiting game.”

But that raises the obvious question, why take the visits?

“Just to see everything, and every time I go down to those schools I have fun,” said Rogers. “It’s exciting to go down and hang with the coaches. We get some good laughs in and talk football.’

Rogers is one of the first players USC defensive line coach Kenechi Udeze has ever recruited. At The opening Finals in Beaverton (Ore.), Udeze’s name was dropped a lot by defensive line prospects all week.

“He’s a real funny guy,” said Rogers. “Getting a chance to build that relationship with him, hearing the stories or what he has been through in life… how he was such a good football player at USC. 

“For me, I connect with him very well because he was in my shoes at one point in time. He told me he was a one-star guy.  He took the opportunity to go to USC and ran with it. So I get to talk to him about recruiting things and then life in general. He’s really, really cool.”

Rogers was one of several defensive linemen invited to The Opening Finals being actively recruited by USC. 

“Coach Udeze told me he wants to take like three or four defensive tackles,” said Rogers. “It doesn’t affect me because I want to play with other good guys.”

While Rogers has mentioned the possibility of committing during the summer, his heart is set on another date. 

“My commitment date is going to be Dec. 9,” said Rogers. “There is a 50-percent chance that I do commit before the end of summer, but as of right now, my commitment date is Dec. 9. 

“Right now I have six schools I’m looking at, so I have to figure out which one I’m going to cut from my official visit list.”

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