Friday practice recap

It was a shorts and helmets practice this morning with quite a few players getting back on the field after missing some time with minor injuries. We saw Oscar Lua, Chris McFoy, Lenny Vandermade and Kyle Williams all getting some work at various points in the practice and it was also nice to see Matt Leinart out there after banging his hand yesterday. Matt said the hand is a little sore right now but nothing major.

The offensive line is still missing a few key guys but with Lenny and Kyle out there we started to see more depth during the drills. John Drake was at left guard for much of the day and he got out in front on pulling drills. The linemen worked on drive blocking with an emphasis on staying low, keeping the head square and not winding up before delivering a block. Williams got some looks at LT along with Steinbacher and Moala while Drew Radovich took some snaps at RT. Travis Watkins and Eric Torres were doing conditioning drills on the side.

McFoy looked good after missing the past few days and some of the DB's were commenting about his "fresh legs" as he ran around making plays early in the day. Chris has bulked up in the off-season and could be a part of the regular rotation this year.

In punt drills we saw Reggie Bush and Justin Wyatt back deep.

Among the highlights on the day: Mike Patterson had a sack. Hershel Dennis had a nice run down the left side. A short pass was completed to Keary Colbert from Leinart but Will Buchanan was there with good coverage to hold the play to no gain. Patterson beat Kalil and was there to get Reggie Bush behind the line for a loss. Collin Ashton had a sack on Leinart. The field goal unit came out and both Kileen and Danelo made their extra point opportunities and each converted a 32 yard field goal.

Leinart hit Colbert with a ball that was high but Keary came down with it for a 27 yard gain. Matt Grootegoed had a sack. Matt Cassel tried to hit Gregg Guenther but Dallas Sartz was right there in coverage and calmly batted the ball away. Dennis had a run up the middle for good yardage. Leinart completed a pass to McFoy against Allmond and it was a very nice catch by Chris. Bush went up the middle for 7 or 8 yards on a good run. Kileen made a 45 yard field goal. Bush had a 18 yard run. Leinart completed a pass to Dennis who went for 12 yards and on the final play, a hail mary pass from Leinart, it was Steve Smith who came down with the ball in the end zone for a Trojan touchdown to end the practice. Top Stories