Saturday practice recap

The Trojans held an extended scrimmage today after hosting a luncheon for the Trojan Football Alumni Club. The offense was sharp with Matt Leinart throwing for three touchdowns, including two to Keary Colbert, while the first team defense did a good job of not allowing much in terms of yardage.

Here are some of the highlights:

Leinart looked very good. On an early series he went against the 2nd defense and a throw was complete to Steve Smith for 12 yards and a first down. Leinart came in on the next series and did a good job to avoid the rush before stepping up in the pocket to hit Gregg Guenther for 15 yards and then he hit Colbert with a pass against Bocage. Leinart hit Guenther for a short touchdown. Matt completed a pass to Smith in front of Will Poole for 12 yards and a 1st down. Leinart hit Colbert for a 22 yard TD vs Will Buchanan. On the final series, Leinart hit Colbert for a 20 yard touchdown.

Brandon Hance led the 2nd offense and for a time they went against the #1 defense with the big play of the series being a 25 yard pass from Hance to Chris McFoy.

Matt Cassel led the 2nd offense against the 1st defense and his best play came when he hit Guenther at the 3 yard line which led to a field goal.

John David Booty completed his first pass to Greig Carlson for a short gain against the 3rd defense.

Hershel Dennis caught a screen and made Will Poole miss in the open field for a short gain. Hershel went up the middle for a 12 yard gain before Darnell Bing rode him to the ground. Hershel had his best run of the day when he scooted for 17 yards down inside the five yard line before Danny Urquhart and John Walker combined to stop him short of the goal line.

Reggie Bush had a highlight run when he got outside and sprinted 16 yards inside the 5 before Kevin Arbet dragged him down. Bush fumbled on the next play and the defense recovered. Bush had another excellent run to get the ball inside the five yard line on the next series. Reggie had a good pass block against a Mike Ross which gave Leinart time but he ended up throwing the ball away. Arbet and Bush were back during live punt drills and Bush broke a long one.

LenDale White did some good hard running in his early work against the first defense. LenDale broke two tackles on a short run. He also had a nice 6 yard run against the 2nd D before a tackle from Thomas Williams and Urquhart.

Chauncey Washington had a nice run against the 2nd D before a combined tackle from Tofi and Sartz.

As noted above in the quarterback recaps, Colbert and Smith had quality performances and Chris McFoy had a big pass play as well.

Kyle Williams and Winston Justice had nice pass blocks to give Leinart a pocket on one play which allowed him to step into a pocket and hit Colbert for 17 yards. Nate Steinbacher also had a good block on a pass play to give Leinart time.

Ryan Kileen made both field goals (35, 22) and both extra points. Mario Danelo added an extra point

The defense line was swarming on a run by Wyatt. Good pressure by the line again as Kenechi Udeze pressured Hance into throwing the ball away. Mike Patterson had a sack on the next play.

Lawrence Jackson pressured Billy Hart into throwing the ball away. Jackson then knocked down a pass from Mike McDonald at the line.

Matt Grootegoed had a nice tackle on Steve Smith after a short pass from Leinart.

Collin Ashton made a good play to hit Justin Wyatt as the ball arrived to cause an incompletion and change of possession on a 3rd down play.

Lofa Tatupu knocked down a pass on the first series.

Oscar Lua stuffed Reggie Bush for no gain on a run at the 3 yard line and Oscar combined with Chris Bocage on the next play to stop Bush again for no gain.

Will Poole had a nice play to knock away a slant pass to Colbert and force a field goal attempt.

Matt Lemos picked off a pass from Hart.

Mike Ross was all throwing his body all over the field including a hard tackle on Gregg Guenther after a pass from Leinart.

Among the recruits in attendance were Lamarr Herron, Nate Longshore, Michael Bumpus and Jaison Williams. Top Stories