Ben Olson update

An update on QB recruit Ben Olson

WEARESC: So Ben, what does your current list of schools look like?

Ben: In no particular order, USC, UCLA, BYU, Stan and Tenn.

WEARESC: Did you happen to make either of the two USC games?

Ben: Yeah, I made it to the first one.

WEARESC: Did you have a good time?

Ben: I did

WEARESC: Did you like USC's QB play?

Ben: Oh yeah, definitely, coach chow's offense, I enjoyed everything I saw, I was impressed.

WEARESC: USC's loss to KSU, did that leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Ben: Oh no, I mean not every game is gonna go smoothly for you, which is what happened to us in the last two weeks at my high school. We lost both games by a TD. You know, Kansas State is good program and it could have gone either way. SC could have easily won the game.

WEARESC: How did you do in those games?

Ben: Uh, I did alright. I've done a lot better. It's tough when you've got people blitzing you all the time. But we're going to pull it together as a team, we've just gotta execute.

WEARESC: Will the recent commitment of Matt Moore to UCLA affect your decision?

Ben: No, not really, I mean you're going to have competition wherever you go. It really doesn't mean that much.

WEARESC: Now I saw you on FSW2, and I understand you have a WR(Dave Anderson) who's your good friend. Is he being recruited?

Ben: Yeah, he's being recruited.

WEARESC: Which schools are after him? USC? UCLA?
Ben: Some of the Pac-10 schools are recruiting him. UCLA is on him, but USC isn't really. Stan and Wash. It'll be interesting, he doesn't really know where he's gonna go yet.

WEARESC: Will his decision affect yours?

Ben: It would be cool if we went to the same school, but it won't. We have to do what's best for ourselves.

WEARESC: When do you think you'll be narrowing down your list, setting trips?

Ben: I've gotta figure out what trips I'm going to take. It's getting kinda crazy right now. It'll probably be in the next few weeks, I'll figure what schools I'll trip to.

WEARESC: Do you see yourself committing on signing day, or before that?

Ben: Probably before that. I'm not saying that I'll commit early or anything but probably before February. Top Stories