Max Browne bounces back from sluggish scrimmage start

Redshirt junior QB Max Browne talks about bouncing back from a poor performance early in USC's scrimmage in the Coliseum on Monday to finish strong and the approaching "decision day" later this week when a starter will be chosen.

Almost immediately after Max Browne released the ball, he wished he had it back. 

A day after a shaky performance early in USC's scrimmage at the Coliseum, Max Browne recalled the one throw he wished he had back -- an interception that Adoree' Jackson took the other way for six points. In zone coverage, Jackson came off the deep route knowing he had safety help over the top and jumped a shallow route as Browne lobbed a pass toward the sideline. 

It was easy picking for Jackson and Browne knew he had erred.

"Really wish I could have back. Big mistake."

After also having an interception on his first pass of the day, Browne could have let the interception destroy his confidence, but instead he bounced back to finish with a strong second half of the scrimmage.

"You learn from it and you move on," Browne said Tuesday. "I was proud of the way I handled the two-minute situation getting our team in field goal range. Matt was able to kick the field goal for the win, so that was a great sign."

In the midst of a quarterback competition with Sam Darnold, Browne bounced back from the early struggles with a solid day on Tuesday and said he is confident in the way he is playing right now.

"I like the way I'm playing. Obviously, that scrimmage didn't go well at times for me, but all in all I think camp as a whole, I think I'm playing good ball and that's all I can control."

Watch Max Browne, above, talk about yesterday's scrimmage and how he's handling the upcoming "decision day" when Clay Helton plans to name a starting quarterback as well as his impressions of the secondary and receivers.

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