USC safety Chris Hawkins talks QB competition

Safety Chris Hawkins gives his outside view of what he has seen in the quarterback competition, how the safety position is shaping up and how his role has changed since last season.

Redshirt junior Chris Hawkins had some inside information on the quarterback competition between Max Browne and Sam Darnold to deliver after Friday's scrimmage.

"From my vantage point, who's the better quarterback? Probably the quarterback with the No. 4 on his jersey. Whoever has the No. 4 on his jersey. He's probably the better quarterback," Hawkins said, but quickly followed, "I think 14 and 4 both have 4, so y'all take it how y'all want to take it."

Like the majority of the USC Trojans, Hawkins wasn't willing to name the a favorite quarterback and wasn't going to handicap the position battle that all eyes have been on since Cody Kessler's graduation. 

"I have confidence in both of the guys. I think they will get it done no matter what. They are both very good guys. They both have their own different assets. Sam is more of a dual-threat. He can really push the pocket and then Max is Max. He came in with my class. He's one of my guys. He's one of the frontrunners of our 2013 class. I feel like I have confidence in both of them."

"They both have made some good throws. They both have had on days and they both have had off days. They push each other. If Max comes out and throws a 40-yard bomb, Sam comes out and does something amazing as well."

Hawkins tried to downplay the importance of the decision, believing Clancy Pendergast's defensive scheme will play up more and help take some of the pressure off whoever is named the starting quarterback.

"Honestly, to me it doesn't matter who starts. I feel like our defense is going to set the tempo."

Watch Chris Hawkins, above, talk about what he has seen from the quarterbacks, how the battle at his own position is shaping up and how his role has changed since last season.

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