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Martin Andrus disruptive in season opener

Martin Andrus and his defensive mates overpowered the View Park offense in the season opener. He talks about his performance and how recruiting is progressing.

Play after play, Los Angeles (Calif.) Senior defensive lineman Martin Andrus watched the ball and fired off the line at the snap, ripping past the View Park offensive line. Andrus was constantly in the backfield forcing the View Park quarterback to unload the ball nearly as quick as he had received the snap.

Los Angeles moved its four-star defensive lineman around to give View Park different looks. He rushed the passer out of both a two-point stance and with his hand on the ground, but the constant was his presence in the backfield creating a disruption.

“I felt we had a good game,” Andrus said after Los Angeles’ 52-6 rout Friday afternoon. “We came out and did what we were supposed to do. Got the victory. Good win.”

Andrus would have preferred to have played against a true dropback team, so that his time spent in the backfield would have materialized in more substantial personal stats, but he was quick to point out that “as long as we get the W it's all good with me.”

“We just have to do our assignments. Make sure we perfect it and just come out and dominate.”

The 6-foot-1.5, 280-pound lineman is ranked No. 184 in the 2017 Scout 300 and the No. 5 defensive tackle in the West region. He’s looking at a number of potential colleges and has set three official visits over the next three months. Andrus plans to visit Nebraska next month, Michigan in October and Oregon in November. He doesn't plan to make a commitment until National Signing Day.

With two official visits available, Andrus said he hasn’t decided if he will take any official visits to in-state schools or if he will just stop by the local schools for unofficial visits. He does plan to make his way to Howard Jones Field to see USC practice.

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“It helps tremendously because I don't have to travel far, so I can just go right up the street,” Andrus said of USC being less than five miles away from his high school. “No big traffic or whatever so that helps.”

But that won’t be a deciding factor. Instead, Andrus’ list of desired university attributes includes “a good education, great coaching staff, a good environment for me and just a good place for me to get to the next level.”

Andrus said his interaction with USC defensive line coach Kenechi Udeze has declined recently as the team has got into fall camp.

“We haven't talked in a while. We used to talk daily, but I haven't talked to him in a minute. I think we’re still solid though.”

He’s looking forward to seeing USC’s matchup with Alabama next weekend and is looking for one simple thing from the Trojans.

“To be competitive.”

Something the View Park offense had no chance of against Andrus.

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