Five-star running back Stephen Carr unofficially visits USC

Five-star running back Stephen Carr has been MIA from USC for much of the year, but that changed Sunday when he dropped by campus to meet the Trojans coaching staff while they prepped for Alabama.

Fontana (Calif.) Summit five-star running back Stephen Carr committed to USC a year ago, but despite his early pledge, he has only been to campus once since the spring. 

Sunday, Carr finally made it back to USC and refreshed his memory of why he committed to the Trojans. 

“The scoop on the visit… same as usual,” said Carr. “The coaches showed me a lot of love.

“I haven’t been up there of a minute, so I had to refresh my mind on what campus was like. It was a pretty laid back day because it was a Sunday. Most of the coaches were watching film, so  I was just kicking it.”

In May, many anticipated that Carr would de-commit from USC. Taking unofficial visits to Miami and Michigan, Carr insisted on keeping his options open, which is often a prelude to a recruit backing off of his pledge to a particular school. 

However, to this point, Carr has remained comfortable with his choice to commit to USC. 

“Nothing has really changed,” said Carr. “I’m still pretty solid with USC and the visit just refreshed that commitment. 

“My options are open, and I’ll take my visits, but nothing has changed. The coaching staff at USC just pulls me in. There’s no coaching staff like them. The way they talk to their recruits, the way they handle their players.

“It’s the way the players at the school speak so highly of the coaches. It’s hard not to like that.”

Running for 160-yards and one score Friday in his senior season debut against Etiwanda, it’s hard not to like what Carr brings to the table as a prospect. 

For the first time in his high school football career, Carr played in every aspect of the game. [Related: Carr ISO film vs. Etiwanda]

Leaving the field for brief respites, Carr was on kick off team, kick off return team, punt team, punt return team, offense and defense. 

“That was my first full game, so I think I did well taking all of those snaps,” said Carr. “I have to get use to that. My body was cramping up, but for being as exhausted as I was, I think I hung in there pretty well.

“The offseason and seven-on-seven has affected my game a lot. You see on plays that I’ll make that last minute cut to get that extra two yards. This last game was an eye-opener and gives me an idea of what the season is going to be like.”

Carr is a celebrity at Summit. Despite being hobbled by cramps, he made his way to the visitor stands after the game and took dozens of photos with fans and classmates. Yells of “Stephen, Stephen” could be heard all over the field. 

“None of that gets to me,” said Carr. “I hear it, but it’s out of my mind the next second. 

“My coaches are on me and tell me to keep pushing, so that’s where my head it at. When it’s game time, I’m out there with my boys and that’s where me head is at.”

While fans at Summit vie for Carr’s attention, so too do college coaches. Committed to USC, Carr still has schools like Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Miami, Notre Dame, Texas A&M and Washington all hoping to get an official visit from him this season. 

“I’m going to take my officials, but I’m not going to release where I go,” said Carr. “I don’t want the media and fans going crazy over where I go. 

“I just want to lay low and enjoy the time I’m there at those schools. That’s pretty much how I’m going to handle that. 

“I might hit two visits during the season and maybe three after the season.”

USC will get an official visit from Carr, which most likely happens after the season. 

“People will know about that visit for sure,” said Carr. “I don’t know when that visit will happen, although it may be after the season so I’m well rested. I’ll be able to really talk to the coaches and spend time with them.

“Going on these visits and hopping on a plane or hopping in the car right after is really exhausting. I don’t want to be bothered with people having to play a whole game like I did Friday.” Top Stories