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USC commits wade in Tide trouncing

One game doesn't make or break a season, but the Trojans class of 2017 commits had their fair share of opinions on righting USC's 52-6 loss to Alabama Saturday.

After suffering a humiliating loss to Alabama 52-6, most USC fans were left to wonder the direction of the football program moving forward. 

However, as has been the case the past six years, recruits and commits considering USC often react with more restraint when analyzing the state of the program. 

Las Vegas (Nev.) three-star wide receiver Randal Grimes speaks or many of the Trojans class of 2017 commits when he gives Alabama full credit for Saturday’s shellacking. 

“USC were playing against Alabama,” said Grimes. “They were putting up a good fight in the first quarter against a good team, but when you’e playing Alabama, everything counts.”

Grimes went on to say that the loss has no impact on his decision to remain committed to USC, which is also a theme among many of the other recruits committed to the Trojans at present date. 

“It doesn’t impact my decision at all,” said Tampa (Fla.) four-star Juwan Burgess. “That loss just goes to show we have room for improvement.”

“We have to give our quarterback better looks at the wide receivers. He has to have better pass protection from the offensive line. USC also has to make plays on the defensive side of the ball.”

The offensive line play Saturday left a lot to be desired by Trojan fans and USC recruits alike. Kingsburg (Calif.) three-star offensive linemen Andrew Vorhees hoped to see the Trojans offensive line demoralize Alabama’s front seven. 

Instead, the opposite happened. 

“Alabama is a good team, much respect to them an their football program,” said Vorhees. “USC needs more leadership on the line. They need leadership both vocal and by example. 

“But I’m committed (to USC) and will be no matter their record.”

Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) three-star center Brett Neilon echoed Vorhees’ sentiments. 

“I thought the game would be closer, but have to give credit to a good Alabama team. No one loss will not impact my commitment.”

Neilon sees the only way to right the offensive line’s lackluster performance is to increase the physicality of practices. 

“No other way around it,” said Neilon. 

Being committed to USC right now maybe harder for Mobile (Ala.) three-star wide receiver Marlon Williams than any other recruit. 

Sitting in the middle of Crimson Tide territory, Williams was quick to turn to Twitter when the Trojans jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter. By the second half, Alabama had turned a close game into a route.

“Bama was a tough opponent, but (the game) doesn’t change my commitment to USC,” said Williams. 

The Trojans defensive performance in the first half was the lone right spot in the game. It was enough to keep Los Angeles (Calif.) four-star defensive end Hunter Echols hopefully for the future.

“They were balling, but they were also playing the national champions,” said Echols. “They at least came out with some heart and weren’t scared of the challenge. 

“I’m proud of my guys. It’s going to be an uphill battle from here.”

As for where Echols commitment stands. 

“Hell no the game doesn’t change things,” said Echols. “I’m still going to SC.” Top Stories