Chase Williams check in on USC versus Utah State

Chase Williams has a couple years ahead of him before he has to sign a letter of intent, but USC is already making in-roads in his recruitment.

Corona (Calif.) Roosevelt junior wide receiver Chase Williams is on his way to becoming one of the most sought after underclassmen recruits on the West Coast.

Already holding scholarship offers from USC, UCLA, Washington, Washington State and Cal, Williams is learning that the opportunity to play college ball for free also comes with a target on your back. 

“I honestly don’t want to be the guy that’s just know for having offers on my team,” said Williams. “I want to be a leader and take charge of my team. 

“The offers don’t affect me because to be a leader, you have to work hard. The only difference I see happening is that different teams are already keying on me. I was getting a lot of double teams against Cajon, so I have to move around more as a receiver.

“That’s sort of a good thing though. If teams are double teaming me, then that means it’s going to open things up for the rest of my team. But being known doesn’t really change anything for me.”

While Williams has plenty of time to formulate opinions on colleges, he does want to take as many visits to USC and UCLA as he can this season. 

Saturday, Williams made it to USC for the Trojans win over Utah State. 

“It’s wasn’t like an unofficial visit where I went and visited campus,” said Williams. “This was really me going to watch the game. 

“I wanted to check out USC, and I thought the receivers played well. They were competing for the ball and I noticed they switched running backs up a lot. I’m not sure they were doing that just because they were playing Utah State, but they used a lot of running backs in the game. 

“I also noticed, and not to criticize, but the quarterback wasn’t really taking any chances with his throws. Most of the time he was just throwing check downs. The score was 45-7, so I think USC was just testing things out. You couldn’t do that against Alabama because of the way the game was going, so Utah State was a good game to get the back ups in and bring everyone together.”

Williams visit to the Coliseum further cemented his relationship with the USC staff, which is his only focus when it comes to recruiting. 

“I’m not looking at schools to have favorites or things like that,” said Williams. “I’m not looking for a certain school to be my leader. I’m just trying to build relationships with coaches and listen to what they have to say.”

At this point, it’s fair to say USC is recruiting Williams harder than UCLA.

“I haven’t had as much communication with the UCLA staff on a personal basis as I have with USC, but Coach (Eric) Yarber has been really cool,” said Williams. “I talk to him, but contact wise, I have more communication with USC. 

“I’m starting to get a good feel for the team and how it is there. I talk to Coach (Clay) Helton and Tee Martin the most. They just want me up at the school as much as possible and check in with me. They really want me to see the differences comparing USC to other schools.”

Williams saw USC beat Utah State 45-7 Saturday, but has also seen a lot of instability within the Trojans football program as of late. Looking ahead to 2018, Williams wants to see one thing from USC moving forward. 

“To be honest, I want to see them win a championship,” said Williams. “Out of all of the teams, I want to see USC win a championship. I want to see them come together. 

“Over the past few years, they’ve been on and off with different coaches. I’d like to see them get back on their feet where they’re winning championships and are the best team out there. But they have to play as a family without guys out there doing their own thing.

“A championship team has everyone playing together where all of the pieces fit.”

Outside of football, Williams has other interests which align with USC. 

“Once I get to college, I want to be a major in kinesiology or sports medicine,” said Williams. “USC has good programs in that, and with any school, you want the best education and training in your major.

“So it’s cool to know that if I do go to USC, I will get a good education in what I want to do further in life. Plus, it’s SC. Just having a SC degree means a lot. It’s a degree that will help me later in life if football doesn’t work out.”

But with signing day 2018 in the far distance, Williams wants to have more options than USC and UCLA. 

“I want more offers just so I have more variety in the schools I’m looking at,” said Williams. “So Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Alabama, LSU, Florida State, Florida…. just schools like that. I definitely want to see more schools out of state.” Top Stories