Monte Vista TE Erik Krommenhoek isolation highlights

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Isolation highlights of 2017 Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista tight end Erik Krommenhoek against Dougherty Valley (Calif.).

Dougherty Valley stood no match for Erik Krommenhoek's Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista Mustangs. That meant he had to make an impact early and often because it was unlikely he would be in for the whole game. He didn't even make it a whole half.

The 6-foot-5, 237-pound USC tight end commit caught the first pass of the game for an 18-yard gain. He was targeted two other times. The first fell incomplete when a pass landed at his feet as he turned out of his break. 

His next target produced his first touchdown since the opening week of the season. Krommenhoek caught a quick pop pass over the middle of the field on a hot read with the middle linebacker blitzing. With the middle linebacker out of the picture, Krommenhoek was immediately into the secondary with one of the safeties flying up to try to take him down.

Krommenhoek showed a little wiggle as he sidestepped the safety. He accelerated up the middle, splitting between two defensive backs to run into the end zone for the score.

Watch isolation clips of Erik Krommenhoek, above, against Dougherty Valley showing his touchdown as well as his blocking and a couple of defensive snaps at defensive end.

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