Zach Banner talks LenDale White Twitter drama

Redshirt senior OL Zach Banner talks about his Twitter exchange with LenDale White as well as having Sam Darnold as quarterback.

Redshirt senior Zach Banner has just about seen it all during his five years as a Trojan, but over the weekend he got something new. Banner said he was surprised when he saw USC running back legend LenDale White calling him out on Twitter for being "soft" and shaking players hands after the game.

Banner took to Twitter and exchanged barbs with the former USC player and second round pick, who played four seasons with the Tennessee Titans before bouncing around practice squads and eventually out of the NFL.

On Tuesday, he took time after practice to address the situation.

"To be honest with you, I don't feel dumb for sticking up for my team," Banner said. "I feel dumb for doing it in Twitter. I don't take any words back that I said. The couple of shade comments that I threw at him, that's locker room talk and that should have been in the locker room, but he's never around, so that was the reason why I called him out like that.

"If we saw each other today, or talked to each other, we would probably be like, 'Hey, we don't need to talk like that.' Hopefully. I mean as old as he is and as mature as I would think he would be, I think that's how we would treat it, so I'm just going to leave it alone. If I see him, we'll probably talk it out, but if I don't, it's okay. It's not killing me. I just don't want past players shooting down players, especially myself."

Banner apologized for the way he responded to White, but not with defending himself and his teammates:

"Just got to let it go. It was an immature way of talking and I shouldn't have responded, but I don't argue with what I said. I argue how I said it. I'm just sticking up for my team and it was a bad choice. I shouldn't have tweeted it. It's over and I'm leaving it alone.

The 6-foot-9, 340-pound right tackle also felt that former players criticism isn't being constructive.

"A lot of people are flared up because we're losing. That doesn't excuse [the social media remarks]," Banner said. "I'm talking about the past players. I'm talking about the people who have worked here. I'm talking about the people who have played here. You don't have any right.... You have every right of being pissed off we're losing, but don't abandon ship. Don't give up. I'm not giving up and I'm not going to give up."

Watch as Zach Banner talks about his Twitter exchange with LenDale White and how he feels about former players' comments as well as how he feels he has played this season and having Sam Darnold as quarterback.

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