Presenting the War Room

In this trip to the desert edition of the War Room we have the inside scoop on a star-studded Thursday night high school match-up,  movement in the rankings for some five-star Trojan targets, a top play and player from the first half of the season plus plenty more.(Photo above - Hawkins WR Jalen Hall)

More details of what is inside:

  • Where this resurgent USC football team stands with some five-star talent from across the country.
  • Coaches from major college programs, including USC head coach Clay Helton and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, were in LA for the Hawkins at Dorsey game.
  • We have updates on three top Hawkins players with USC offers,five-star receiver Joseph Lewis, five-star 2018 receiver Jalen Hall and four-star athlete Greg Johnson.
  • There is an interesting back story to Pasadena (Calif.) four-star cornerback Elijah Blades. We have that plus where the Trojans stand with the speedy and tall cornerback.
  • Teammates of Darreus Rogers reacted to his incredible game-saving catch against Colorado.
  • Senior inside linebacker Michael Hutchngs could be the defensive MVP through the first half of the season.
  • After a rough start to the season, the USC offensive line is starting to get some recognition (in a positive way).
  • Is the NCAA sending a message to the rest of college football with how they are fighting the Todd McNair lawsuit?
  • Plus plenty more!


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