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The USC Trojans Basketball Social Commentary Round-Up

A not-so-serious roundup of USC Trojan Tweets from around the interweb.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most athletic Trojan of them all?

Poster time!

14 feet of embarrassing.  It's times like this that I miss the "Elevator Rap".

Let's just hope the "0" doesn't represent anything in his stat line ... unless it's TO's and fouls of course.

"Clark, who?!" ... or at least that's the hope.

If I was DeMar, I would wear my gold medal all the time. Wouldn't you?


I'll freak out a bit if the score at the half is 11-11. Okay, I'm under-reacting, I'd freak out a lot.

Coach Hart can talk the talk since he walked the walk.

Julian, first question ... any regrets?

Good to see Kevin O'Neill is back teaching the basics.

The SCecret is about to get out!

Speaking of SCecrets ...

A not-so-serious question, any relation to DeMar?

On a serious note, a must read on USC Director of Recruiting, Martin Bahar. Top Stories