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Quarterback Max Browne addresses the media about his intention to transfer

The writing was on the wall in September when Max Browne lost the starting quarterback job to Sam Darnold. Now Browne talks about his intention to transfer to another football team.

On Tuesday reported that USC compliance signed quarterback Max Browne's permission-to-contact form, allowing contact between Browne and other NCAA programs.

Wednesday after practice Browne addressed the media, talking about his intentions to transfer to another program for his final year of eligibility. 

Full audio of Browne's interview is below. Here are some of the highlights:

  • On requesting permission-to-contact other schools: "I put the request in through compliance and it took a full week to get the signature. From there it has been official ever since and kinda got out yesterday."
  • Have you heard from any schools yet? "I have, a few schools. But I will probably keep that to myself for now. I don't know exactly how I want to approach that, to be completely honest."
  • His conversation with head coach Clay Helton: "Very quick, to be honest. I went through compliance with it and then he basically came up to me and said they're going to let me go wherever and just kind of find the right fit for me."
  • Timeline to make a decision: "I am just going to try and feel it out for the month of November, for the next few weeks I'll just see who contacts me, that is kind of the beauty of doing this whole thing early. Then come December I'll maybe start reaching out to schools that I think would be a good fit, or I am interested in and see if there is mutual interest on their end. With the thought process that if it is a semester school I'll have to make a quick turnaround once the New Year starts."
  • Geographic preference? "It doesn't matter. I'll go anywhere. I made sure that my little headline said 'All NCAA schools' for a reason. I am willing to go anywhere. That was the case out of high school and it is no different, and probably more emphasized, now that it is another go around at it."
  • How did you reach the decision to start exploring your options? "I lost my job. (laughing). I don't mean to a smart ass. I lost my job, I have one more year of eligibility and that is part of the beauty of graduating early."
  • Will you getting your MBA play a part in picking a school? "I want to get my MBA from here. So I think I'm going to press pause on that, I don't know the specifics as far as that goes. But I want to get my MBA from here because I am so far into it. I only have two more semesters."
  • Do you have to go somewhere where you know you are going to start? "Yes and no. If you are going to a bigger program, obviously you are going to have to compete. But I'm going with the intentions that I am going to play. But with that being said, I am willing to compete for a job."
  • Does this decision change anything as far as how you are preparing now? "It kind of gives me new life. The past four weeks haven't been the most fun to be completely honest. (You) lose a little motivation. But I've been staying ready, as much as you can be. But this definitely gives me a light at the end of the tunnel as far as something to work towards."

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