Lorenzo Booker update

Lorenzo Booker talks about his play so far this season, the possibility of playing in college against James Bonelli, the tragedy last week and if the presence of Hershel Dennis will effect his college choice.

I had a chance to speak with the always fun and outgoing Lorenzo Booker tonight and here's what he had to say:

WEARESC: So Lorenzo, has your current list of schools changed? Have you narrowed it down a bit?

LORENZO: Yeah, it has, the only schools I'll talk to now are SC, UCLA, FSU, Wash, Clem, Mich and Tenn.

WEARESC: That's still quite a list

LORENZO: Yeah, I know huh? But as you can see though ND is off, FL is off and a couple others are off.

WEARESC: That reminds me, James Bonelli, who I understand is one of your very close friends, has committed to ND, right? How will his decision affect yours?

LORENZO: You know, me and him being very close, I was gonna have to check out ND even if I didn't like it. James is just a great guy and I had to see what made his mom cry. Me and James, you know, we're cool, but it's a small town and I'm a city guy. It's just not me so I eliminated them.

WEARESC: Interesting. Does the possibility of playing against James for four years interest you?

LORENZO: Oh I'm definitely looking forward to that because that would actually be a time when we could get a lot of fans from St. Bonaventure into the same stadium, just like old times. We would be playing for two different teams, but after the game, we're still family.

WEARESC: Great, now I read an update on you several weeks ago that said USC and FSU were in the lead. Is that no longer the case?

LORENZO: Actually, well, I do like USC and FSU a lot. I mean I love their offensive strategies a lot. So as far as football goes, those are the schools that would be in the lead.

WEARESC: So what does UCLA bring to the table?

LORENZO: Well I love their environment. I love the campus, and I don't know about too many guys on the team, but coach Skipper is a real cool guy, but you know, they haven't really been on me like SC has, so I mean they got an environment working and I'm still looking at their offense.

WEARESC: I understand that you went to the KSU game. SC didn't have its greatest game ever, especially on offense, so did that leave a bad taste in your mouth?

LORENZO: Oh not at all, I mean this is a totally new coaching staff, and you've got transfer players and a lot of young guys on the team. You know, people can't expect SC to just come out and go what? 8-2 or 9-1, I mean a lot of guys are still learning the system. This isn't a high school, man, this is a college. I'm sure the playbook is pretty thick down there. I know a lot people try to give them flack for that game, but it doesn't change my mind about them at all. I still think they've got a great offense and great athletes, they just need to come around, and once that happens, I think they'll be a great team.

WEARESC: Tell me how your season has gone so far. I know your last game was a good one against Dos Palos.

LORENZO: Yeah they've got Kenny James, and man, he's definitely a top three national RB and I don't care what anyone says. I saw the guy personally and I don't know too many defenses as good as ours and we were hittin' him and this guy is going both ways and he is still coming strong. I mean there were at least four guys on him every time he touched the ball. That is the best team we will face all year and I thought they were going to be tougher than Hart, unfortunately we didn't get to play them, but Dos Palos was real good.

WEARESC: That reminds me, how did that cancellation of one of the biggest games in school history affect you? Are you disappointed?

LORENZO: Oh yeah, definitely. But we were gonna beat them and you can print that and I don't care what anybody says, we were gonna win that game. And I'm not taking anything away from Hart, they're a great team, but we were gonna win. But the thing that disappoints me the most is, that game was gonna give me, my teammates and the program credibility.

WEARESC: OK, that reminds me, how did the WTC attack affect you?

LORENZO: Oh man, that was terrible. My grandfather lives up there, my moms dad, and we have yet to hear from him. So we sent an uncle over there to see what was going on.

WEARESC: He lives in Manhattan?


WEARESC: Oh man, I hope he is doing fine.

LORENZO: Yeah, Thanks.

WEARESC: OK, I'd like to ask about something that's been a hot topic on the USC boards lately and that topic is Hershel Dennis, who is a great RB in his own right. If he were to commit to USC, would that affect you at all?

LORENZO: No, not at all. I mean, if you want to be the best, you can't run. You've gotta play against the best, because that brings out the best in you, that's why I enjoy going to all these Nike camps. I mean, I already believe I'm the best, and I think you've gotta believe that. You can't go on the field thinking that someone else is better than you. So I mean if Hershel goes, that's great, maybe we can even get a whole 1-2 punch going on, but I'm not gonna go there and say well Hershel's there so I'm gone. Wherever you go, the best players are going to play, so if I feel that I'm the best, that answers that question right there.

WEARESC: That's great. Oh but before I go, I want to make something clear. I'm not here to recruit you. I truly believe that every school has something different to offer, they're all great schools, but I do work for a USC website, so I try to ask questions about USC, because that's what the readers of my website want.

LORENZO: I know and even if you were man, I wouldn't hold it against you, because that just means that you care about your program and I like that.

WEARESC: Finally, are you gonna be watching some college football this weekend?

LORENZO: Oh I'll be watching the Oregon game.

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