Carroll post Auburn comments

Trojan coach Pete Carroll talked in the locker room following the game with KMPC radio. Click below for a transcript of his discussion with Petros Papadakis, Pete Arbogast and Paul McDonald:

PP "You have to be proud of your inexperienced guys the way they came in here and performed tonight."

PC "Those guys stepped up and played like they've been here before. This game was not too big for us. We handled it well. It was a very hard game. The elements, it was very hot out there for both teams and guys were sucking it up from about the end of the first quarter on. IT was a difficult game but we just played such solid football. It was just good football, we took care of the ball, got turnovers, scored when we got those turnovers, it was a really fun way to get started."

PP "Last year you said Auburn had the best front seven you faced. Is that the case this year?"

PC "I don't know, we'll have to wait and see the other teams as they come along. The game allowed us to play it close to the vest and I thought it was really a great job by Norm (Chow) and we talked throughout the game and thought we could keep it going on defense if we didn't screw it up. We just really played a conservative, solid football game and it was a great starting opportunity for Matt. He didn't have to make any big plays, he just had to hang in there and he did a beautiful job with all of that. I think for Matt it was a good game but a great performance to get it done under those circumstances. It was a nice solid game but he'll play better than that throwing the ball around for us."

PP "Unbelievable performance by your defense, nobody seems to be able to run the ball on you."

PC "It was really cool. It was great to see those guys go out there again and play. I'm so pleased to see Kenechi and Shaun, Michael Patterson was all over the place in the backfield, they couldn't handle him. Both Omar and Frostee Rucker did well. What we were excited about was in the second half we started getting to the quarterback. We didn't get him in the first half and so Coach Orgeron threw an absolute fit in the locker room at halftime. He got his boys revved up and they went out and tore it up in the second half. I thought our corners played excellent, they didn't come close to beating us all night long. We're really fired up about that but it doesn't mean anything if we don't come back again and play well. We're thrilled about the opener but it's time to go back to work."

PM "Stellar, Stellar performance all the way around. Let's talk about your special teams, I thought they played great."

PC "I was so excited about the special teams. Tommy punted the ball gorgeously. Ryan Killeen kicked the ball great, he was right on the money with his field goals, all his placement kicks, everything was just right on the money. Our coverage on kickoffs was really solid, for the first time in three years I felt really good about that. The punt protection was great, they came after us five times but we did a good job. We made good decisions, the only decision I think that was questionable was Kevin (Arbet) tried to save us some yards and got his head knocked off. It was a tough decision and I was fired up for him but was it smart? no. That's a real positive, we've worked so hard and it's been such an emphasis to get our special teams up to snuff and I'm pretty fired up about that start."

PM "I thought the offensive line played well tonight and some of those guys were banged up."

PC "For Lenny, Norm and Jake to make it through this game, Lenny went down for a while but he came back, that's just Trojan ball. They dug down deep, they knew the young guys were gonna have a difficult time so they just sucked it up and went. They're not 100% but they realized you don't have to be to perform as a winner. They really got it done for us. You know what was really fun was to have Petros' dad John here and to have Sam Cunningham. Sam Bam talked to the team and we showed some highlights of when Sam came down to Alabama in his first start ever. It was really an opportunity to open a door to Trojan lore and some of the roots of Trojan football. It was critical for us to connect with that."

PA "Was this more than a football game?"

PC "I don't go much for stuff like that. To me it's just an opener. It's huge to get the opener after all the hard work that goes into it and I guess what I'm telling you is that it hasn't hit me that Auburn might have been the #1 team in the country. That's not really the issue right now. To me it's the fact that we went out and played good football and got a win so we're excited as hell to move on to the next one."

PA "How about the atmosphere? This was as good as it gets in college football."

PC "It was a beautiful atmosphere but to tell you the truth it ain't as bad as some other places we've been. I don't know why but it just wasn't. We were able to keep them quiet which is the goal when you play on the road. It's a gorgeous setting but we've been in louder places. It didn't even bother us."

PA "There's no better sound than 85,000 quiet people."

PC "I heard that."

PA "You're not gonna sneak up on anybody now."

PC "We never thought we would after last year and that's just fine with us. We've come to understand in a short time that it's our role and that's what we want it to be. It's a situation where people are gunning for us and that's respect. I welcome it and I hope people to continue to feel that way about us." Top Stories