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Recruitment has changed for Isaac Taylor-Stuart

Four-star cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart has seen his recruitment blossom, but he knows he's at the top of USC's list.

Isaac Taylor-Stuart knows that he has USC’s attention. The San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine four-star cornerback knows the Trojans want him bad. Taylor-Stuart could even be their top target in the 2017 class.

“They told me that,” Taylor-Stuart said. “That's just great right there. Like wow, they like want me that much. A great college that finished No. 3 last year, finished strong. It's just great.”

Though Taylor-Stuart isn’t ready to name any school his top choice just yet, but there is mutual interest between he and USC.

“They were one of my first schools to hit me up. We stayed close and everything like that. I just want to keep that. 

“Also, they had Reggie Bush that went there and everything like that, so that's great right there. If I go to USC, I could be the next San Diego great to go be there and continue the tradition like once every decade, something like that. But [USC] is fun and everything like that mainly.”

But the Trojans have plenty of competition. The 6-foot-2, 185-pound corner with 4.43 speed has blown up, garnering scholarship offers from all over the country. Ohio State, Auburn and South Carolina have all recently offered him a full-ride opportunity. Schools like Florida State and Oklahoma already offered, but have started reaching out more frequently.

Suddenly, Taylor-Stuart has become B.M.O.C. (big man on campus). When at school or at 7-on-7 tournaments, he hears the comments.

“I walk around and people are like, 'That's that corner right there with all the offers,’” Taylor-Stuart said. It's different from freshman year to like junior year with the national attention. It's kind of funny. It's fun. There's nothing bad about it. It's like a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everything like that.”

Taylor-Stuart is assessing all of the scholarship offers that he has and keeps receiving. He wants to plan out some offseason visits, including spring trips to Oregon and Nebraska with summer unofficial to Michigan and Ohio State.

The USC coaching staff is trying to get the No. 2  to return for another visit after he’s been to a spring practice in the past and also stopped by for an unofficial visit during the fall.

“It was definitely better than I expected I thought it would be and everything like that,” Taylor-Stuart said of visiting USC. “My first visit I went in the facility and everything like that. It was great, beautiful and everything like that. I didn't expect it to look like that nice and everything like that, but it was great.”

Taylor-Stuart said what makes him stand out is his ability to press receivers, but also cover. His size gives him an extra weapon that most corners don’t have and enables him to contest the ball him in the air better. Because of that, Taylor-Stuart thinks he can step in and play immediately at the next level. 

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“As long as I keep lifting weights and eating-wise doing what the coaches tell me to do I should be able to start my freshman year as long as everything goes right and nothing bad happens.”

If he chooses USC, Taylor-Stuart believes he can follow in the footsteps of Adoree' Jackson, Iman Marshall and Jack Jones — all three who were ranked among the top cornerbacks in the nation coming out of high school in consecutive recruiting classes.

He has their attention and USC has his attention as well.

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