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Presenting the War Room

This week in the War Room there is more fallout from NCAA recruiting rule changes, NFL Draft talk and the horrible Coliseum redesign is getting real.

More details of what is inside:

  • With the new NCAA recruiting rules in effect USC has made significant changes to its summer camp schedule.
  • Recruiting top local wide receivers vs. national wide receivers, which direction will the Trojans go?
  • As Clay Helton tries to determine the pecking order of recruiting prospects, the Rising Stars Camps will be important to help sort things out.
  • With the return of a few key stars on the USC basketball team, are the Trojans poised to make a final four run in two sports?
  • Adoree’ Jackson was selected No. 18 in the NFL Draft, helping to keep USC’s impressive draft statistics going in the right direction (and helping with the Trojans recruiting pitch).
  • A few thoughts on next year’s draft and if Sam Darnold will be involved.
  • The fallback for the flawed Coliseum redesign has begun, but is it too late for USC to do something about it?
  • Plus plenty more!


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