Just Sayin' here . . . that's all, Just Sayin'

No theme this week, we're Just Sayin' about a whole lot of stuff all over the board. And there's a lot to talk about.

It's potpourri time here on the old P. Or maybe grab bag. We're all over the lot.

Just don't call it a hodge-podge. We may not be terribly focused but at this time of year, that's probably a good thing.

*** Is anyone surprised that Adoree' Jackson has won over the veterans in the Tennessee Titans locker room the first day of mini-camp when he made sure he had every one of his new teammates' phone contact info so he could get in touch and stay in touch? . . . Just Sayin.

*** Or that Zach Banner -- "He's REALLY big with a personality to match" says the Indy Star here -- has already become the Indiana media's go-to guy with the Colts practices closed and the need for someone who can fill your notebook, tape recorder or video standup and make it interesting as Zach certainly can do . . . Just Sayin'.

*** The only teensy-tiny worry might be Zach's talk of how he knows his weight cost him in the draft but now that he has the money, he can have his own personal chef and no more fast food like at USC where there were so many options. But then in telling the Indy media how much he feels at home in his new hometown, the first place Zach cited as an establishment he'd learned to love was, he said, "Giordano's Pizza." Uh oh . . . Just Sayin'.

 *** OK, it hasn't been snowing this weekend at the Pac-12 Track & Field Championships in first rainy, windy and chilly Eugene like it was for the men's golf finals in Colorado last weekend but not exactly what you'd hope for all weekend in a conference that can on almost any day boast the best weather anywhere in America. Just not always when it counts and certainly not when Randall Cunningham Jr. lost out on his last shot at the high jump in an absolute downpour Saturday . . . Just Sayin'.

*** And then there's this. We're not crazy about how in what easily should be the best live event in the Pac-12 Networks entire yearly calendar -- this weekend's T&F Championships -- they're only showing parts of Sunday's finals live -- but doing a good if hurried job -- and nothing on Saturday . . . Just Sayin'.

*** But we'll take one event -- Trojan Michael Norman's impressive comeback close for a personal best 45.15 in the 400 meters to knock off the defending champ from Oregon. Nice Pac-12 start for the freshman . . . Just Sayin'.

*** And if you didn't catch the T&F Championships, for those who get the Pac-12 Networks, you didn't see USC this weekend. That's because of the 22 other live events on the Pac-12 Nets -- between softball and baseball -- there is no USC anywhere. This time of year, despite the USC women's lacrosse team's upset of No. 2 Florida in Gainesville in the NCAA tournament Sunday, you didn't see any Cardinal & Gold. Even on Pac-12 LA, USC was a ghost. Time to re-think softball . . . Just Sayin'.

*** Great job by Trojan alum Will Ferrell -- Doctor Will Ferrell we'd better call him-- at the USC Commencement Friday. Funny and personal and engaging and made a terrific point -- "What if you don't try something you love?" and you play it safe. You almost forgot how much fun it was to have ole Dr. Will around USC football when Pete Carroll was here and maybe this is a sign he'll be back again this fall. Can't say how great a job USC does for the 60,000 folks who stop by for commencement right in the middle of campus . . . Just Sayin'.

*** Back to the Coliseum where the planning doesn't quite seem up to the level of Commencement. Hearing this weekend that fans who are being displaced among the 9,000 sideline seats on the chopping block for the new Tower are just now realizing that they're going to have to move for the 2018 season, when the Coliseum drops down to 84,000 capacity and then again for the 2019 season when it drops to 77,500. And it won't only be them moving. Everybody moves -- twice -- after the new seats, aisles and rows get installed. So that's two moves in two seasons and the reason why when you get that call from the re-seating folks, you will get a conversation but not really any answer about where you're going to end up because there really is no answer. Uh oh. Not sure what we have here is a plan . . . Just Sayin'. 

*** All we can say is we wish the person with the decision-making power for USC at that first planning session for renovating the Coliseum would have just stood up when Step 1 -- "removing 9,000 sideline seats held by the most loyal Trojan fans" -- was announced. All that person would have had to say was: "Stop right there . . . and start over. We're not doing that." How much better a place would USC be in right now. It's not like the current "plan" is the only possible "plan" -- if you can call it a "plan." . . . Just Sayin'.

*** And maybe, just maybe, someone at USC still will -- step up and just say "stop" and "start over" but with the knowledge that there are $225 million in luxury suite commitments that must be honored in any new plan. It's definitely doable if only someone at USC -- as they've done everywhere else in the country -- will do it . . . Just Sayin'.

*** We know it's not exactly a scientific sample but the twitter poll Publisher Ryan Abraham did concerning the Coliseum renovation plan that drew 862 responses with 50 percent against it, 23 percent for it and 27 percent who don't care or feel neutral about it, seems about right to us from what we're hearing from USC fans . . . Just Sayin.'

*** OK, if you'd lost track of our guy, Conner Sullivan, the all-purpose Trojan placekick holder, Scout team QB, world adventurer, world-class videographer and campus drone guy, here he is on Youtube as a quarterback for the professional Stuttgart Scorpions taking you through his first-ever German Football League professional game not to mention taking you with him to lots of other German sports events. And don't miss checking out some of Conner's greatest hits from around the world like droning the Taj Mahal, for example . . . Just Sayin'.

*** Great column this weekend in Baseball America by Peter Gammons on the way major league baseball and college baseball could do each other a favor -- as well as a favor for all the players currently being signed out of high school who are completely unprepared to play professionally -- if only MLB took the money it's wasting on high school players and underwrote college baseball scholarships. They could be reserved for players from minority groups who are now being shut out of a game where the NCAA limits teams with roster needs of 30-35 players to 11.7 scholarships. Great idea . . . Just Sayin'.

*** The problem is, and Peter recognizes it in his column, that "the NCAA could care less about college baseball." But could the NCAA be made to care if a campaign is mounted -- by schools very much impacted by the scholarship limitations like private school USC -- that in effect, the NCAA is de facto discriminating against minority baseball players. Might be USC's one way to get a realistic increase in the number so USC could be on a much more even playing field with the likes of Stanford -- and a way to get minority kids back to playing baseball . . . Just Sayin.'

*** And finally, not a list you'd like to be on where Sportsnaut and Yardbarker name their top five "most overrated players" in college football and two Pac-12 quarterbacks -- UCLA's Josh Rosen and Washington's Jake Browning -- make it. Guessing most here will hope that turns out to be the case as the pair have started 1-2 against the Trojans . . . Just Sayin'.


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