Carroll post game comments

Click below for post-game comments from Coach Pete Carroll following the Trojan victory over Hawaii on Saturday. Carroll talked after the win with KMPC radio announcers Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast.

PP "You've got to be happy, heading into the bye week undefeated and the team is pretty much healthy."

PC "Undefeated at the bye, that was the goal. It's great to be at this point right now, we looked to this point to be 3-0 and getting ready for a championship season. I thought today was a beautiful day for us. We came out and established control of the game in the second quarter and in the third quarter we wanted to really come out firing and do our thing and send a message that we were in control of the game. The first two units played so well that we were able to play some other guys for more than a quarter which is really rare. These guys have been working so hard and they want to play football too. It was just a wonderful day for us."

PP "Timmy Chang is on pace to be the all-time NCAA passing leader and you guys pretty much shut him down today."

PC "I thought we were in great control today, I don't really care about all those stats. He's a good football player, he's in a good system and he's gonna get tons of yards but as it turned out it wasn't difficult at all. I'm happy about that because I was real concerned. They're a good football team and I think we showed where we fit with them."

PP "One concern was the running game that hadn't got untracked yet. Tell us about the young running backs and how they did today."

PC "I was so pleased they got this chance, we've been waiting to see it happen and we kept them faith and the guys did a good job up front. Reggie showed what's so exciting about him with that great burst and ability to make people miss. We saw a lot from Lendale today and Chauncey nicked an ankle up so he didn't get much work. Lendale did just what we hoped, power running, physical, north-south running. We really need that, you know, we need that with our football team."

PM "What did you think about the OL, how are they coming along?"

PC "I thought they did a great job. We didn't get that many plays, as it turned out, but we executed some stuff on the perimeter that we wanted to get done. We got some stuff outside and it gave Reggie a chance to break some things, we haven't talked about Hershel yet but I thought Hershel ran real well but it was exciting to see the young kids because we need them to do well in order to be a good football team."

PM "How about the confidence builder day for Matt Leinart?"

PC "That was just right, in control the whole time and how about that hit? He KO'd that guy, man. Our bench went crazy when he made that play…"

PM "That play might have done more for Matt Leinart with the team from a leadership perspective than the two touchdowns.."

PC " doubt. The guys love to see that when a guy rises up and is physical. The great thing was Matt came up smiling and screaming, he was fired up. He's a great competitor and that was one of the ways he showed it."

PA "You have a bye week now, how does the team prepare with a game in two weeks?"

PC "We'll take tomorrow off and then come back to watch film on Monday and then practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We'll take next Friday and Saturday off and then come back on Sunday to start the week. This is an important opportunity this week for the young kids to show that they've gained some stature and can gain some playing time with us. We'll be real competitive with the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday format."

PA "You were the pre-season favorite in the Pac-10, after seeing this team play are they the team to beat?"

PC "I don't know about that, we'll wait and see how we match up with the competition. I'm real excited about getting it started. To tell you the truth it was a big game for us to get this one behind us and use it as a steppingstone to get ready for the Pac-10. Now we have to go get Cal and we've got a couple road games before we come back home. We've re-established our attitude about playing at home and we're excited about that."

PA "Petros, Paul and I have a birthday present for you since Monday is your birthday. We're not going to sing for you."

PC "Now that's a gift."

PP "I can sing!!"

PC "You can sing to someone besides me."

PA "Happy Birthday Coach and we'll see out there at practice next week." Top Stories