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2019 LB Ralen Goforth wants to make name for himself

The younger brother of a UCLA mainstay, Ralen Goforth is looking to make a name for himself, which may mean going to his brother's rival.

“It would be nice to make a name for myself,” Ralen Goforth said. It’s a refrain most younger brothers have said at one stage in their careers. 

Ralen is a 2019 outside linebacker prospect from Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco. He is the younger brother of former UCLA safety Randall Goforth, who signed with the Eagles as an undrafted free agent this offseason after a solid career with the Bruins that has saw him start since he was a true freshman. 

The younger Goforth is hoping to have a stellar collegiate career as well, but there’s no guarantee that it will happen at UCLA.

USC gave him the opportunity to create his open path on Monday when head coach Clay Helton and linebackers coach Johnny Nansen extended a scholarship offer to the 6-foot-2, 215-pound product after the Trojans’ Elite Camp.

"USC is a prestigious university that doesn't just offer anybody so to be blessed with an offer from there is such an honor," Ralen said Monday night. "USC is a school that has caught my attention throughout this process and has really been pursuing me hard. For Coach Helton and Coach Nansen to finally pull the trigger was really amazing."

“I'm not going to lie,” Ralen said even before receiving the offer. “I grew up a USC fan before my brother went to UCLA. My family and I, we actually were a USC family growing up.

“I really love the tradition over there. That's something that really sticks on me and grows on me. I really love the tradition that USC carries.”

Ralen said he does get a lot of recruiting advice from big bother, but Randall has just told him to take the process slowly since as Ralen puts it, “this is a lifelong decision.”

The physical outside linebacker made a strong impression on Monday after being a dominant standout at USC’s Rising Stars Camp last weekend. He goes through a Bruce Banner transformation once he steps in between the lines going from a smiling, happy-go-lucky friend of everyone to a purposefully aggressive linebacker that wants to get his hands on opponents and let them know about it.

When he and some St. John Bosco teammates were brought in to the Elite 11 Finals in Redondo (Calif.) to give a defensive 7-on-7 look against the nation’s best quarterbacks, he got chided by former NFL player Trent Dilfer for being too aggressive against a receiver. Ralen only smiled. He can’t help it when he dominates a receiver trying to create some space. That’s just part of his character once he steps on the field. 

“When I hit the football field, I'm a totally different person. I'm a totally different type of guy. That's something that college coaches, they should know about me. When I step on the field, I mean straight business.”

The USC coaches didn’t have the same concerns as Dilfer. They enjoyed his aggressive nature. He said “it felt very homey” at USC. While he enjoyed the campus and the facilities were nicer than he expected, what stood out about going through the camps was the Trojans’ coaching staff. 

“It felt very good to be around those coaches, getting to be around the environment, say hello to the coaching staff and getting to get coached up by that staff.”

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