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Plain and simple, the game completely unraveled when the large Hawaiian turnout in tunnels 13-15 started shouting "Overrated" at the Trojans at 8:21 remaining in the half. The Trojans on cue (3-0) then unleashed 42 unanswered points against a stunned Rainbow Warrior club (1-1) and their fans.

The Obvious – It is customary for visitors to the Hawaiian Islands to be welcomed with a flower lei greeting and a kiss, but Pete Carroll's fourth-ranked USC Trojans greeted the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors first Coliseum visit since1930 with a 61-32 volcanic, gridiron tsunami in front of 73,654 sun-roasted fans.

The Not So Obvious – The new national polls are out and the Trojans have moved to No. 3 in the country in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and remain No. 4 in the Associated Press Poll.

The Obvious - The top two powers in both polls remain Oklahoma and Miami while Michigan has jumped to No. 3 in the AP.

The Not So Obvious - Michigan will travel to Autzen Stadium this week to play at Oregon in a battle of unbeatens.

The Obvious – Plain and simple, Saturday's Trojan game against Hawaii first turned on a controversial second quarter 38-yard fumble touchdown return by Trojan corner Ronald Nunn, who was stunned himself at the ruling and touchdown.

The Not So Obvious –Plain and simple, the game completely unraveled minutes later when the large Hawaiian turnout in tunnels 13-15 started shouting "Overrated" at the Trojans at 8:21 remaining in the half. The Trojans on cue (3-0) then unleashed 42 unanswered points against a stunned Rainbow Warrior club (1-1) and their fans.

The Obvious – Prior to the game, Trojan Coach Pete Carroll felt Saturday's game would be a benchmark as he commented, "This game will be very important to find out where we are. Let's wait until after the game and see where we are."

The Not So Obvious – What Pete Carroll saw was a killer instinct by his offense to finish an entire game. For the first time this year, Norm Chow's offense brought back pleasant memories of the explosive, balanced attack that was so prominent at the end of last season.

The Obvious – During the past week, the media and fans have questioned the legitimacy of the Trojans' No. 4 ranking and have hinted that this team may not have the offensive firepower and balance of last year's explosive group.

The Not So Obvious – Count Trojans' wide receiver Mike Williams as one who has heard enough of the critics. After the game Williams informed, "We hear people saying we can't do this and we can't do that. We wanted to show we're a complete team. We went out there and played ball and let our actions do the talking."

The Obvious – The Trojans had 418 yards in total offense and averaged 7.1 per play.

The Not So Obvious – In time of possession, Hawaii had the ball for 32:43 minutes while the Trojans had it for 27:17 minutes. Did we mention that theRainbow Warriors ran 24 more plays than the Trojans (83 to 59).

The Obvious – While not exactly bringing back memories of studentbody right, Chow's offense did bring back memories of last year's rushing attack of Fargas, McCullough, and MacKenzie with 161 yards, and the Trojans were finally able to showcase their fine, young stable of running backs.

The Not So Obvious – While Reggie Bush finally showed the explosiveness exhibited in summer practice, it was Colorado freshman LenDale White that received extended playing time and showed that "Sam Cunningham" balance and power capped by two scores of 5 and 20 yards, leaving tacklers in his wake.

The Obvious – While running backs coach Kennedy Pola was finally able to enjoy his young backs running loose on the Coliseum turf, it was "veteran" sophomore back Hershel Dennis who got things started and finished with a typical Dennis day of 52 yards on nine carries (5.8 ave).

The Not So Obvious – After the game Dennis said, "We're tired of hearing we don't have a running game and that the O-line is inexperienced. We had to come out here and show we could get it done on the ground, too."

The Obvious – The only statistic that really counts at the end of a game is the final score.

The Not So Obvious – While the Trojans were in a full-on scoring avalanche, the offensive only converted 3 of 10 third-down conversions for the game, but who's counting?

The Obvious – There is never really a question now that the Trojans' coaching staff under Pete Carroll has completely turned the program around and has that unique charisma of being about the relate to the players, but still use some "old school" fear to enhance the players' performance level.

The Not So Obvious – When Trojan tailback Reggie Bush fumble the pitch from quarterback Matt Leinart enroute to his 32-yard touchdown off the left side, Bush said, "First of all, I'm just happy that I did score. If I didn't, I am sure my coach (Pola) would have ripped a hole in me."

The Obvious – Hawaii Coach June Jones had his team enter the Coliseum turf for kick-off at 0:00 on the clock, and his team showed the emotion you would expect form a club hoping to spring the nation's upset of the day.

The Not So Obvious – A number of Hawaii players came onto the field just before kickoff like defensive back Lamar Broadway and linebacker Chad Kapanui who immediately pointed and pumped their fists at the Trojans' sideline.

The Obvious – After the game, many of the Hawaii players were more realistic in their respect for the Trojans.

The Not So Obvious – UH offensive lineman Uriah Moenoa gave a pretty objective review of his experience before and after the game when he said, "We came out here expecting to win. But we didn't, and that's the way the game goes. We made too many mistakes, and you can't do that against one of the best teams in the country."

The Obvious – The Rainbow Warriors' heralded quarterback Timmy Chang opened the game with a sharp first quarter run and shoot performance by going 9 of 15 for 63 yards, and he showed early why his coach has pumped him as a future Heisman Trophy winner.

The Not So Obvious – There were more than a few Trojan fans in the massive turnout that became very concerned early as Chang and his offense were marching up and down the field. One Trojan fan in the stands fretted, "Wow, these guys are pretty good!"

The Obvious – As been his Trojan track record over the past three years, Pete Carroll adjusted his defense as the game wore on and turned Hawaii's Heisman candidate Timmy Chang into just plain, old Timmy.

The Not So Obvious – The Trojans' defense was a tough macadamia nut to swallow for UH offensive guru June Jones, whose NFL teams were always near the top of the league in offense. Jones said, "They (USC) did a very good job of tackling our receivers. They've got good team speed. They get their feet in control and tackle you. They're talented and can run."

The Obvious – Saturday's game was telecast nationally by FOX Sports Net and unlike last week against BYU, the nation got to see the full firepower of the Trojans' developing offense under the continued improvement of sophomore quarterback Matt Leinart.

The Not So Obvious – Leinart, who was 15 of 21 for 200 yards with two scoring tosses , left after the third quarter. However, he had the block of the game on a Reggie Bush's 28-yard run, a crushing hit on UH corner Abraham Elimimian that figures to get repeated play during film sessions for both teams this coming week.

The Obvious – Keary Colbert had 5 recepetons for 86 yards and a 32-yard scoring strike from Leinart

The Not So Obvious – Let's face it, the Trojans are a much better offense when Colbert is in the mix with Mike Williams. Colbert not only had one spectacular 34-yard catch above the Rainbow Warriors' respected corner Abraham Elimimian, who led his UH team tackles, but seemed to have regained the attention of Leinart throughout the game.

The Obvious – Prior to the game, it was the usual Trojan tailgate parties next to the Sports Arena and around the Coliseum and there was the usual Spirit of Troy CD sounds.

The Not So Obvious –Next to the many Trojan tailgaters was the soothing island sounds of Hawaiian music being played by Rainbow Warrior tailgaters, who wore leis around their Hawaiian shirts.

The Obvious – For many of the over 5,000 Hawaii fans in attendance, this was their first time in the Coliseum, and they had a chance to "feel" the Trojan experience.

The Not So Obvious - In the Honolulu Advertiser, visitor Kenui Kane'ohe said, "You know about the (Coliseum and USC) tradition and it's pretty impressive." Fellow visitor James Hill commented, "I've always wanted to come to the Coliseum because of the prestige. This is cool."

The Obvious – The Trojans have now won 11 consecutive home and overall games.

The Not So Obvious – The last Trojan loss was back on October 5th at Washington State 30-27 in overtime.

The Obvious – Corner Will Poole started at corner in place of the injured Kevin Arbet.

The Not So Obvious –Poole, who was a high school quarterback at Christ the King in the Big Apple, wasted little time in establishing himself with a team-high 9 tackles, five of which were solo jobs along with four assists. Of course, he lost a chance for any easy touchdown interception when he let a ball right through his fingertips.

The Obvious – In the first quarter alone, the Trojans used three Hershel Dennis, LenDale White, and Chauncey Washington at tailback trying to establish the run.

The Not So Obvious – Reggie Bush did not see any action until 4:58 left in the second quarter when he promptly ripped off his 23-yard scoring run on his first carry.

The Obvious – There has been much concern about the rushing attack that has put greater pressure on quarterback Matt Leinart.

The Not So Obvious -Don't let anybody kid you, if the offensive line doesn't open holes and provide an adequate rushing attack, it doesn't matter if the quarterback is Leinart or any of the other four Trojan signal-callers.

The Obvious – Much of the crowd started to file out of the Coliseum after the third quarter when the Trojans were up 52-13.

The Not So Obvious – The game started at 1:12 p.m. and lasted 3 hours and 34 minutes, an amount of time that left Trojan fans in a stupor due to the heat. Maybe the fans should have asked the players to borrow those "Big Fog" fans to cool down.

The Obvious – The game program featured the Trojans' stellar linebacker Matt Grootegoed and could be purchased for $4.00.

The Not So Obvious – Last week's game program against BYU was $5.00. When a vendor was asked about the dollar difference, he said, "It cost more because last week was the home opener." Both programs contained 148 pages.

The Obvious – Before the game, Hawaii Coach June Jones said it was impossible to defend the Trojans' Mike Williams, who had three receptions for 70 yards and an athletic 33-yards pass-run scoring reception.

The Not So Obvious – The smallish Rainbow Warrior secondary trying to tackle Williams was like trying to kill an elephant with a fly swat.

The Obvious – The Trojans' sideline was again alive with former Trojans past and present.

The Not So Obvious – Seen on the sidelines during the game was former quarterback Walt Ransom (1978) , former coach and scout Mike Giddings, and last year's Orange Bowl offensive guards Zack Wilson and Derek Graf.

The Obvious – Hall of Famer Marcus Allen was again on the sidelines to provide his support to the growing Trojan reunion machine.

The Not So Obvious – During the first half and after a another Trojan touchdown, Hawaii free safety Leonard Peters looked up and saw Allen. Peters said, "hi", and shook Allen's hand. Peters said, "There he was and I had to meet him. He (Allen) then told me I should get back to the game."

The Obvious – There was speculation that strong safety Darnell Bing might not play or start due to ankle sprain.

The Not So Obvious – Bing not only started the game, but he finished with four tackles, three of which were of the solo variety.

The Obvious – UH walk-on fullback West Keliikipi presented the Trojans with their only ground challenge as the 266-pound fullback rushed for 57 yards on 8 carries.

The Not So Obvious – Once Keliikipi got past the line of scrimmage, he appeared to knock Trojan defenders backwards including field judge David Adams, who was knocked on his wallet during one of Keliikipi's carries.

The Obvious – Saturday's game was being called by veteran Hawaii observers the most anticipated Rainbow Warrior road game since the 1992 Holiday Bowl.

The Not So Obvious – June Jones was so serious about beating the Trojans, that he had his club go through practice in the Coliseum, which was the first time Jones had practiced on an opponent's field in his five seasons as the UH head coach.

The Obvious – In the third quarter at the 10:43 mark, Reggie Bush broke free and sprinted for a 27-yard score to make it 38-6.

The Not So Obvious – The run sparked the Trojans' Thundering Herd rooting section to turn to the Hawaii rooting section and mockingly chant about the Trojans "Overrated".

The Obvious – One of the heralded players on the Hawaii defense was tackle Isaac Sopoaga (6-3, 315), who is considered a real NFL prospect.

The Not So Obvious – In the late stages of the third quarter, Sopoaga brought gasps from loyal Trojan followers with a backside sack of Matt Leinart , leaving everyone wondering if Leinart was going to get up.

The Obvious - Many of the Hawaii fans came ready to make some noise, and some brought some of those annoying "thundersticks".

The Not So Obvious – However, a large number of Rainbow Warriors fans brought long, green leafs to wave to encourage their team.

The Obvious – For those watching on Fox Sports Net, some Trojan scoring plays were missed due to transmission problems due to a fiber connection at the Pac Bell hub in downtown Los Angeles.

The Not So Obvious – The only areas of the country on Fox Sports Net missing the entire Trojan thrashing on Saturday were Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Chicago due to baseball commitments.

The Obvious – In their previous two games against Auburn and BYU, the Trojan defense had recorded 12 sacks and 22 tackles for losses.

The Not So Obvious – Despite intense pressure on Chang, the Trojan defense was able to record only two sacks (Kenechi Udeze and Travis Tofi) but did have five tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

The Obvious – The parking lot sharks were charging $50 for last week's home opener.

The Not So Obvious – The same "sharks" this week showed less respect for the Rainbow Warriors as they dropped their rates to $40 per car.

The Obvious – Pete Carroll trying to get his offense moving in the second quarter went for it on 4th and 2 at the Hawaii 26 yard line.

The Not So Obvious – The beneficiary of the call was sophomore fullback David Kirtman from Washington, who made his first reception as a Trojans for four yards to keep the drive going. Kirtman's father ran track at Cal and his uncle, Nate, played football for Stanford in 1967.

The Obvious – In Saturday's game program, there are mugs of this year's Trojan players in a white dress shirt, jacket, and tie.

The Not So Obvious – In Saturday's game program, there are mugs of this year's Hawaii Rainbow Warriors dressed in collared Hawaiian shirts, of course.

The Obvious – Hawaii's Timmy Chang attempted 54 passes on Saturday.

The Not So Obvious – Coach Ed Oergeron's defensive line got quite a rushing workout, and "O" substituted freely in the heat, even getting freshman defensive end Chris Barrett into the mix in the first half. After the game was over, the Wild Bunch looked more like the Tired Bunch.

The Obvious – Trojan free safety Jason Leach, who has performed about as well as a USC free safety has in recent years, made a perfect timing interception for a 25-yard touchdown of a Timmy Chang out-pattern.

The Not So Obvious – Leach was featured in the game program in an article describing his hit of Auburn receiver Courtney Taylor which separated Taylor from his helmet. The article's by-line was Jason Leach.

The Obvious – Hawaii had number of players on its travel roster from the mainland while the Trojans had only one Hawaiian player, safety Chris Bocage, who hails from Pearl City and attended St. Louis School.

The Not So Obvious – Bocage excited his marching and chowder society with a fourth quarter tackle.

The Obvious – With Saturday's victory over the University of Hawaii, the Trojans remain undefeated, highly-ranked, and have a bye next weekend to regroup, reteach, and relax before getting ready for Pac-10 play at Cal on Sept .27th.

The Not So Obvious – Was Saturday's complete Trojan offensive eruption of the pass and the run foreshadowing of explosive things to come or will the athletic Pac-10 competiton prove to be northern exposure? Don't tell the latter to impressed Hawaii linebacker Keani Alapa who said, "They definitely deserve their No. 4 spot."

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