Q&A: Dwayne Jarrett

Blue chip receiver prospect Dwayne Jarrett started his season off in dominating fashion as he scored 5 touchdowns in leading his New Brunswick (NJ) squad to an easy win this past weekend. WeAreSC caught up with the big wide out and he shared his thoughts on the game and he also gives us the latest on his recruitment.

WeAreSC- I heard you had a pretty big game this past weekend.

Jarrett- "Yeah, we played Monroe and they're a pretty good team, but we had too many weapons for them. I had five touchdowns. I had five catches and I scored on four of them, and I had 179 receiving yards, and I ran a punt return back 85 yards."

WeAreSC- Did you play any defense?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I played safety and cornerback. I think I had like 3 batted down passes and a lot of tackles, I had about 8 tackles."

WeAreSC- What was the final score?

Jarrett- "It was 38-7. I scored all of the touchdowns."

WeAreSC- How's recruiting been going lately?

Jarrett- "It's been going good, but I've pretty much narrowed it down to my top schools. Right now my top schools are USC, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Syracuse."

WeAreSC- Does any school stick out right now, or are they all pretty even?

Jarrett- "USC definitely stands out, Pittsburgh stands out, and Virginia does too. Syracuse, they're up there, but they mostly have an option based offense. I'd be doing more blocking than catching, even though I don't have a problem with blocking, but I want the ball too."

WeAreSC- Have you been getting a lot of calls in September?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I've been getting a lot of calls."

WeAreSC- Have you talked to any of the coaches from USC?

Jarrett- "Yeah, actually I just spoke to them earlier, like ten minutes before you called. Coach Carroll, Coach Kiffin, and the offensive coordinator. It went good. They heard about my game, my five touchdowns, and they were just calling to get an update and everything, so it went pretty good."

WeAreSC- Did you talk to them earlier in September also?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I talked to them earlier in September. This was my third time talking to them. We stay in contact a lot. I've been calling them."

WeAreSC- How have those conversations gone?

Jarrett- "Basically, if I'm comfortable enough they want me to start right away. I told them that if I'm comfortable with the offense and if I have everything down pat, that I'll do that. And they were just telling me how they'll use me in the offense, different things like that, how they'll make sure I get my degree. And they want to try to persuade my mom because my mom is just like, ‘Oh, USC is so far.' So they're going to try to persuade her."

WeAreSC- Is the distance from home a factor for you, personally?

Jarrett- "To me, it's not really a big deal. It is kind of because of my family, but I've always wanted to go out to L.A. and I've never had the chance to, so going all the way out there for college isn't really a problem for me, but I would like for my family to come out there to see me play, but that's going to be kind of hard because it's so far away. But they'd be able to see me on T.V. if I decide to go there."

WeAreSC- Have you been able to catch any of the USC games on T.V.?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I've seen all of their games so far. The only game I didn't catch was the second one. I saw the Auburn game and when they played Hawaii. Right after our game they were just starting."

WeAreSC- What do you think from what you've seen so far?

Jarrett- "Oh, they look really good. Their offense and defense, they both have a lot of talent and they like playing freshmen, so that's a good thing for me."

WeAreSC- Have you set up any official visits yet?

Jarrett- "Yeah, I was planning to come out to USC on November 22nd. That's when they play UCLA. Coach really wants me to come out there when they play them. That's the date I have set right now but if we have a game or we're in the playoffs it's going to be kind of hard to get out there, but I talked about it with my coach and he said it shouldn't be a problem so the date's set. I haven't set up any other visits so far."

WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?

Jarrett- "Right now I'm 195 and 6'4."

WeAreSC- Do you know if you're playing in any of the All Star games after your season?

Jarrett- "I'm playing in the All-American Bowl."

WeAreSC- Do you have any idea about when you want to make your decision on a college?

Jarrett- "I'm going to wait close to signing day and see how my SAT scores are and everything. If everything is straight I'll most make a decision on signing day."

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