Terrail Lambert update

St. Bonaventure's Terrail Lambert is coming off of an impressive defensive showing while playing all over the field in the Seraph's opening day victory last weekend. He talks about his performance in that contest and names a top 5. Where do the Trojans fit in?

WeAreSC- How did your game go last weekend?

Lambert- "Oh it was cool. I had 8 tackles and a pick for 92 yards and a touchdown. We played Centennial in Las Vegas. We won 34-6."

WeAreSC- This Friday you guys play Hart. What are your thoughts on that game?

Lambert- "What I think it's going to boil down to is just who's going to minimize on their mental mistakes and who's going to be the fundamentally sound."

WeAreSC- Where are you playing at this season?

Lambert- "They have me playing linebacker, and strong safety, and sometimes corner. It kind of depends on what type of team we're playing. Like if they have a go-to guy, sometimes I'll be pressed on him."

WeAreSC- Where were you playing at during most of the game against Centennial?

Lambert- "Safety."

WeAreSC- How's recruiting been going?

Lambert- "It's been going well. I'm just glad that I have somewhat of a list to choose from. That's a blessing."

WeAreSC- Have you been getting a lot of calls from different coaches?

Lambert- "Yeah, the thing about it is it won't be like eight or nine schools call on the same night. I get two there, one day will pass with no calls, and two there, one day will pass, and so forth. So it's going smoothly. Hopefully it will stay like that."

WeAreSC- How many offers are you up to now?

Lambert- "SC has offered, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Northwestern, Oregon State, Washington State, Washington, Oregon, San Diego State, and I think Oklahoma will offer in the future. They've been calling lately."

WeAreSC- Do you have a Top-5 right now?

Lambert- "Top-5, I'd say SC, Florida State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Notre Dame."

WeAreSC- Do you have a leader out of those five or are they all pretty even?

Lambert- "I'd say that they're all pretty even."

WeAreSC- Have you scheduled any official visits yet?

Lambert- "I was going to take a trip to Notre Dame but I didn't go because my mom couldn't go. She always wanted to go up there. I haven't scheduled any others."

WeAreSC- I know Florida State is a fairly new offer. What kind of impact does that offer have, especially with Lorenzo Booker there?

Lambert- "It would be nice to play on the same team with him again. I mean, he is a positive influence on the players around him. He's just that type of a person. As far as picking a school, I don't think he'll influence me, but knowing that if I did go there and I knew someone who's already experienced two years of college to give some good advice, I still get advice from him to this day, him and Whitney (Lewis) at SC, it wouldn't be a bad situation. Not to mention that their defense is real fast. The same with SC as well."

WeAreSC- Have you talked to the coaches from USC lately?

Lambert- "Yeah, I talked to them before and after the Auburn game, and I went to the BYU game and talked to them there. We conversed a little bit. It was cool."

WeAreSC- What coaches from USC have you talked to?

Lambert- "I usually talk to Coach Orgeron. I talked to Coach Carroll, it was real. I'm pretty much familiar with the whole staff. Even though I don't play offense, I know Coach Chow pretty well. I'd say that the two I talk to most are Coach Carroll and Coach Greg Burns. From what they tell me I believe, especially at corner, I fit in their defensive scheme pretty well."

WeAreSC- What else has you looking at USC right now?

Lambert- "The overall team chemistry. I think that's important, especially in winning programs. It's pretty assuring to know that the person next to you is going to give his all and he's expecting the same from you."

WeAreSC- You mentioned that you were at the USC-BYU game. What do you think from what you've seen so far this season?

Lambert- "They have a strong defense. They're very fast and very physical. Their defense is very nice. I think they have good depth for this year. As far as the corner position, I think it will be open next year and I'll have a shot at playing if I was to go there. So that would be cool. But I'm not too concerned about early playing time. I wouldn't mind red-shirting a year."

WeAreSC- Is USC a place you think you might take an official visit to?

Lambert- "Oh yeah, definitely."

WeAreSC- Is there any chance that you might make an early decision, or do you plan to wait until close to signing day?

Lambert- "I'm really not sure at this point."

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