MMQB thoughts

A recap on the mood at the MMQB meeting

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks met for lunch today with Coach Pete Carroll.
Good group, good questions, good tape review and no silly questions.  I
regret that I cannot pass along the comments of the coach because they were
excellent and basically filled in a lot of information that was on my mind.

This is a new coach for us and he has a new style and I've decided to
respect it.  As I see it, there is basically a "social contract" between him
and those of us who attend.  For his part, he will give us straight answers
so long as we do not publish them.

Some of you who read this won't know that I've published reports of MMQB
meetings on the Internet for several years.  I regret not being about to
report to our out-of-town Trojans any longer.  I first started going in JR I
but to tell you the truth I cannot remember much of what was said at those
meetings.  By comparison, they were poorly organized and there was no game
film.  I do remember Tollner, Smith, JR II, and Hackett.  I can tell you
that PC's style with the MMQB is more open than any of the others.

Although I will not quote PC, I will pass along some conclusions I drew from
his remarks.  He knows his business and wants very badly to win.  He knows
what is wrong and is trying hard to fix it.  He believes that there is
plenty of growth potential left in this team so long as they maintain a
positive attitude.  He shares candidly about our players, their injuries,
where we need the most work, why some things failed, about the fight before
the game and what he said to Belotti and the refs.  I guess what I am saying
is that if you can get to the MMQB meetings, it is worth the effort.  You
will get a lot of information and very little propaganda.

PC's persona exudes sincerity and I can see why we are now doing better in
recruiting with him as our coach. Top Stories