Interview with Miller and Stuart

Westlake stars Jimmy Miller (DE/TE) and Michael Stuart (DE/WR) have both given verbal commitments to the Trojans. In this interview we get their thoughts on USC and which position they might play in the future. Westlake will be featured on Fox Sports Net this Thursday night at 7:00pm in a game against the Hart Indians.

Michael – How did things go with Carroll and Orgeron coming to your game last Friday and then you quickly getting an offer?

Stuart "We had actually talked the night before and Coach Carroll told me he was going to be at the game because he wanted to see how I was doing, he wanted to see if I still had the abilities I had last year. I didn't go to their summer camp this year so they didn't have a chance to see me until last Friday but I guess they liked what they saw. They called at 9:00 on Sunday night to tell me I had an offer and I said yes on the spot. I had told them I was holding off on other scholarship offers because I wanted to go to USC really bad so I couldn't really tell them I wanted to think about it. USC is the place I want to go."

Jimmy – what were your thoughts on the coaches being at the game?

Miller "That was awesome. First of all the game was against Notre Dame so it's already a big game but with Coach Carroll and Coach Orgeron there people were saying "wow, this must be big time, there must be some good players on the field". I think every guy on our team was pumped up because every guy on our team is a huge USC fan and now that we're going there that's all we talk about is USC."

There have been quite a few Westlake players at USC in recent years.

Miller "It would be great to see more Westlake players at USC, the more the better. It means we're a solid program that produces good players. USC is one of the top five programs in the nation right now so it doesn't get much better than that."

Have you guys attended any USC home games this year?

Miller "Yeah, we went to the BYU game. We have five guys being recruited by USC so we all got to go in the locker room, on the field, it was so much fun, it was really cool."

Describe each other's game both offensively and defensively.

Stuart "Jimmy is a big target on offense and he's an awesome blocker. He's an all-around great tight end and he's even better on defense. He's quick, he's a rush defensive end and he's so big. The offensive linemen have trouble with him because of how big he is and how fast."

Miller "As a wide receiver Michael is so much bigger than the DB's so he can be physical and get open. Once he gets by you you're not going to catch him because he has such a long stride. People don't respect his speed (4.6) because he's so big but he'll run right by you and score a 50-yard touchdown. He's also got great hands, the best hands on the team for sure. On defense he's quick as hell, he's like a DB playing defensive end. Guys can't block him because he's just so quick and he's very strong as well so he can stop the run too."

If you were a college coach where would you play the other guy?

Stuart "I'd play Jimmy at tight end."

Miller "I'd put Michael as a slot receiver because he's such a big target and he knows how to get open."

Do you care which side of the ball you play on?

Stuart "I don't care. We'll figure it out when I get there."

Miller "I honestly don't care that much. I love both positions equally. There's certain things I like about offense, catching the ball, making blocks. With defense it's all about causing chaos and that's a lot of fun too."

What put you guys over the edge to come to USC?

Miller "You can tell why they get all these recruits because they are so good recruiting-wise. When you have a program like that it's not very hard because you're one of the best teams, you're local, I mean you're in Southern California and everybody wants to be there. The coaching staff is unbelievable. Coach Orgeron, that guy knows stuff that's ridiculous. Coach Carroll is a defensive genius and on the offensive side you've got Coach Chow and he's the best. If you're looking for a top notch program I don't think there's anywhere else to look."

Stuart "I only went to one practice so I don't know the coaches too well but I met Coach Orgeron and I love that guy. I went to other schools and met their coaches but I didn't get as good of a vibe as I got from Coach Orgeron. Coach Carroll, I had the pleasure to meet him too and I know he knows what he's talking about. Usually a head coach is based with the offense but I saw in their practice how he was based with the defense so that's really cool. Off the bat I wanted to go to the same college as Jimmy, we told people that and it was a big impact. I wanted to be close to home and USC is the perfect place."

Have you guys played together for a long time?

Miller "I didn't start playing football until I was a freshman and I only played because of him. I was a basketball player but Michael wanted me to come out and play football. I moved to the area when I was in the 6th grade and I started playing basketball on the traveling team with him so he was one of my first friends here and we've been best friends ever since. It's perfect because I don't have to worry about a roommate at USC, I've already got one in him. We can have our friends come by because it's so close and I can come back to watch my brother play (Jeff Miller is a 6-3, 220 sophomore who starts on the DL for Westlake)."

Talk about each other's personalities.

Miller "I think we're both a little quieter around people we don't know but when we're around our friends we're pretty wild. We have a good time, I'd definitely say that about both of us."

Stuart "Around our good friends we're a little wacky and we have fun doing it. Around other people we're pretty normal but this is our senior year and it might be the last time we're together so we're just being crazy kids I guess."

Miller "All of us are goofballs because we've grown up together. We've been together for a while and when you're around the guys for so long you're just comfortable around each other. You don't worry about being too cool around each other and everybody can just be themselves. We have a great chemistry this year on this team."

You guys started to get some attention last year as a pair of big defensive ends and now you're following that up with big senior seasons and scholarships to USC.

Miller "Going into our junior year the coaches said they expect a lot from us, I mean a lot. As a sophomore I was on the varsity but I didn't play that much and Michael was on the JV team. I think we surprised some people with how well we played early in our junior year and we kind of rode that momentum into this season and are showing people that we're players." Top Stories