Carroll post game Cal comments

Trojan head coach Pete Carroll gave a post game interview on KMPC radio after the Cal loss with Petros Papadakis, Paul McDonald and Pete Arbogast. Click below for a transcript of those comments:

PP "The Trojans showed a lot of heart to come back late but what was it early in the game that gave Cal their momentum?"

PC "It was a number of things. I'm really disappointed that we came out and weren't right, you know. We just weren't on our game in so many ways and you could just see it with the penalties and miscues, we didn't tackle very well. We had practiced so well that I thought we were ready to go but that's my misjudgment and my mistake because we weren't ready. I don't see it as an energy thing, you know, we were just off. We had uncharacteristic penalties that almost compounded things that went wrong right on top of one another. I'm just so disappointed that we played like that. I'm not as disappointed with the loss as I am with the performance. With the way we went out and played we just made it so hard for ourselves. Of course you look at the other side of it with the way we re-grouped and came back to where we were in position to win it. I'm real proud of our guys for that but I'm disappointed that we couldn't get the win."

PP "With that being said Cal played the game of their lives, would you agree?"

PC "I thought they played fantastic football, I really did. They made catches, they made tackles, they made the plays that they had to make. I'm hoping that's what needs to happen for people to beat us but I'm looking more at what we can control and what we can do. We just didn't do a very good job today. We were able to recapture it at halftime and go out in the second half playing some pretty good football but hats off to those guys. Jeff Tedford did a wonderful job today, his players played great and they had a marvelous day. Unfortunately, we were on the short end of it."

PM "Obviously a tough loss Coach. Would you do anything different with the bye week because we've got two more coming up this season."

PC "I don't know. We were practicing well all the way through it, we were aggressive and tough and all that, but I need to do some thinking on this one. This was the same way we practiced and prepared for our bowl game and stuff but the results were different. We've got to sit back and figure it out. I don't have the answers right now because if I did I would've done it before."

PM "How quickly do you move forward to the next game after such an emotional loss?"

PC "The switch is already flipped to the next game. We're gonna do what we normally do and if we'd just won a big game we would come out and practice the same way. Our philosophy is clear in that we're always going to look to take the next step regardless of the outcome and that's what we'll do right now. It hurts but we give them credit and we'll go back to work to make sure this doesn't happen again. We'll look at the film on Monday and make the corrections we need to make."

PA "Can you give us a physical update on some of the guys who got nicked up?"

PC "I know Lofa has a bad ankle sprain, Winston Justice had an ankle also but I don't know too much about that one. Lofa was the one guy I heard was hurting pretty good."

PA "The Cal fans were loud but there was a pretty good contingent of SC fans here who were going nuts even when things were bleak. They were really loud on those blocked kicks, how about Gregg Guenther?"

PC "Yeah, Gregg and Mike Williams went in there and got something special going. That was awesome, Ed Orgeron set something up and it worked great, it gave us a chance to win the game. Our fans were fantastic today, they filled up at least a third of the stadium and they were just rocking and having a great time. We need to play better for them but I love that they were there for us in such great fashion." Top Stories