MMQB recap (10-6)

A huge collective sigh of relief was demonstrated at MMQB based on the positive performance of the Team last Saturday. Most of the Trojans I talked to had an upbeat outlook about the rest of the season, although there continues to be questions about just how good are the teams we have played so far.

Coach Carroll came in with a special guest. He introduced Tony Boselli who was visiting campus today. Tony spoke glowingly about his feeling for the University and the resurgence of the Football Program. He told about the back-and-forth that goes on between the alumni of various schools within NFL clubs. He said that he is now retired because of shoulder injuries and that he is spending most of his time with a Christian organization. Tony also said that he would be part owner of a new Arena League Team that would be announced tomorrow in Texas. He looks great and speaks very well. Tony continues to be a fine representation for us all.

Pete Carroll's program was all positive today. He brought tape of many of the best plays from the ASU game. His custom is to begin with Special Teams and he first showed the kick-off coverage at the end of the first half. As Mike Ross blew up the ASU returner, we all gave the appropriate oohs and awes. Great Play. In fact the theme of physical domination was prevalent throughout the presentation. Based on the plays we saw, we did look overpowering on defense, offense and special teams.

Tackles behind the line of scrimmage by our front four were numerous as were great plays by Grootegoed. I think my favorite was Frostee Rucker chasing down that wide receiver from behind and hitting him so hard that the ball popped out. What I didn't see on TV was that when we recovered the ball, Frostee knocked him down again to block for a return.

The plays on offense were most of the best plays with particular attention to blocking. The OL looked really good as did our TB's. Keary Colbert was shown making some very impressive blocks as well as great catches. BMW, Byrd and Hancock came in for a lot of praise as well.

The Question and Answer period was lively and informative. He had respectful words to say about our next opponent, Stanford. In response to a question on recruiting he said that things looked good. He gave specifics also and some information should be coming out this week. A couple of questions centered on areas for improvement but he did not dwell on those. This was to be all very positive today and that was reflected in his answers also.

The meeting was adjourned around 1:00 PM and the coach went back to work. Top Stories